21 Free CAPTCHA Sources

By Mary Lou on

Here is a collection of free CAPTCHA scripts and services than you can easily integrate into your website using PHP or JavaScript: 1. PHP CAPTCHA Library for reCAPTC

42 jQuery Navigation based Techniques

By cody on

Here’s a list of 42 jQuery Navigation Techiques, Navigation plugins, and Tutorials built using jQuery: 1. How To Create A ‘Mootools Homepage’ Inspired Navigati

CSS3 Styled jQuery Dropdown

By Mary Lou on

I found a really nice and simple jQuery dropdown menu on CSS Tricks and I thought, let’s add some neat style to it. You can find the original here: http://css-

Switching Styles: jQuery CSS Exchanger

By cody on

Here’s a jQuery script for changing the stylesheet of an html page. The styles can be selected from the dropdown on top of the page. There are ten styles to ch

jQuery Fancy Draggable Captcha

By cody on

Here is a jQuery example for a captcha in a registration form. In order to pass the “Are you human” test, the user has to drag the numbers from 1 to 6 in

CSS3: Creating Web Site Banners

By Mary Lou on

Inspired by Tamsin Baker’s beautiful Photoshop brushes “Urban Scrawl” 1 and 2, I was trying to create some shadowed banners using some CSS3 propert

PHP Login System Reloaded

By chadking on

Update: There’s a new version of this Login Script. Here’s a PHP Login System, based on the one developed by jpmaster77: PHP Login System with Admin Feat