Expanding Bar Navigation Concept

An experimental tab-like navigation concept where a content area is opened with an animation once an item is clicked.


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Today we’d like to share an experimental tab-like navigation with you. The main idea is to animate the bars of the navigation in a way that they expand to reveal some further content. The navigation is either shown in a vertical or horizontal orientation. For this experiment we are using anime.js.

Attention: As we usually do with our Playground demos, this is mainly made for visual effect inspiration, not as a ready-to-use plug’n play component. Modern browsers only.

Here’s a preview of the demos for the view when the navigation is closed and open:





For the third demo, we’re not showing the navigation by default. There is a menu button at the bottom of the page and once clicked, the navigation appears in the center of the page.




We hope you find this little experiment inspirational!

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