Some More Inspiration for Text Input Effects

A couple of more inspirational styles for text input effects including some new techniques and ideas.

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We’ve updated and added some more effects to the Inspiration for Text Input Ideas. The second set contains some more styles that we thought about and collected after we released the first set about three month ago. The concept is the same: make (subtle) enhancements for text inputs to make them more engaging and fun.

We are excited to show you the new set as it contains some different techniques, including moving shapes and lines that create the illusion of a jelly movement.


As in the previous set we mostly use CSS transitions and sometimes CSS animations on the label element or on pseudo-elements. We are using the same structure (with some special cases) as in the previous set.

Please note that the effects have been tested in the latest versions of modern browsers. They might not work as expected in older browsers.

Read the original article here: Inspiration for Text Input Ideas


We’ve added a second set of effects:

We hope you enjoy this new set and find it inspiring!

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  1. Super comme tous les autres projets.
    J’ai utilisé le style “Nao”, mais je dois utliser un textarea…et j’ai quelques soucis sur cette balise…le label qui revient même après avoir rempli la textarea, la taille du trait plus gros…avez vous une solution ?

  2. Issue with autofill (chrome) when user saves username & password in the browser, the browser autofill these details in the inputs ALONG with the input styling, there doubled or stacked on top of each other now after saving username/password in browser. There’s a script given “in case the input is already filled..” which doesn’t seem to work. Amazing work by the way!

  3. Super cool maybe on the future you will make for combobox or date inputs too.Thanks

  4. I would like to use at least one of these effects but i am not sure how to import this or use it in divi. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance.

  5. Awesome! perfect for newbies like me working for a professional website development company. Thank you for sharing