Freebie: Organic Food Icon Set (AI, EPS, SVG, PNG)

A set of 30 organic food icons that come in all common (vector-based) formats. The food icon set is perfect for modern food related projects.

This week’s freebie is a meticulously designed set of 30 organic food icons. The set was designed by Wojciech Zasina and it comes in all common formats like AI, EPS, SVG and PNG.


About the Icon Set

Each icon in this modern set was crafted with utmost precision and completed to perfection. The minimal style makes these icons a perfect fit for any modern food related project.

The icons included are: apple, banana, basket, blender, bread, broccoli, carrot, coconut, corn, cucumber, egg, eggplant, eco bag, grain, grape, honey, jam, leaf, lemon, lettuce, milk, mushrooms, onion, pear, pepper, radish, smoothie, citrus press, tomato and water melon.



Have a look at all the icons:


Download the Set for Free

You can download the ZIP file here:


For the preview, the following free resources were used:

We hope you enjoy this freebie and find it useful!

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Wojciech Zasina

Wojciech Zasina is a graphic designer focused on UI design for web and mobile applications. His passions are pictograms and simple shapes created with just a few lines. Find his portfolio on Behance.

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  1. this is great icon set! All your designers work is just wonderful! And you are not fixed on money earning. commands respect.
    Thank you!

  2. This icons under creative commons license? I can use for my templates in themeforest?

    • Hi Slavik,
      yes, you can use them under CC0 (with the exception of direct redistribution or resale). Hope that helps, cheers ML

  3. Any Vectorial Icons for mobile phone parts/tablet parts website ? If we decide to start a fitness website we would definitely use your icon pack 🙂