Freebie: “Boxify” One Page Website Template

A modern free HTML5/CSS3 website template with a polished look and smooth animations, carefully crafted with the latest web technologies.

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Today we are very happy to share a beautiful and modern one page website template with you.

Boxify is a stylish HTML5/CSS3 template that was carefully crafted and enhanced with some smooth effects. It’s fitting for any type of portfolio or start-up website, but it’s very flexible and can be used for many other projects.

About the website template

The responsive template is made with the freshest web technologies and it’s build with


Have a look at the whole template design:


Check out the live demo of the template: Boxify Live Preview

Download the template for free:

You can download the ZIP file here:

Use it freely but please don’t republish or redistribute the template.

We hope you enjoy this freebie and find it useful!

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Peter Finlan

Peter's a UX lead @ Google. Crafting memorable, emotive and engaging experiences through research, testing and data science.

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  1. This is a really slick looking template. I appreciate your offering this for ‘free’; however, I am struggling with the menu in the mobile setting. It works perfectly well with only 4 links, but I have many more: links and sub-links both. I have modified the padding of the boxes and may even modify the fa-2x if need be, but I haven’t unlocked the no-scroll feature keeping my user from being able to access the links lower in the list… AND if they decide “you know what, I don’t see any link here I want to click, so I’ll just keep reading from where I left off…” when they exit the nav, it takes them all the way back up to the top… :/ I’m trying to find a work around for this too…
    If you should have any recommendations… I’m all ears.

    • Hey Daniel, thanks for your feedback. If you are still having trouble please feel free to get in touch with me directly and I will attempt to help fix your issues. Please visit my website for my contact details. Thanks.

  2. Amazing template! Absolutely love it.

    I’m trying to include a video background without messing up the css. Has anyone else managed to do this successfully? I’d appreciate any tips anyone might have!!

    Thanks so much

  3. Awesome! how can i get the same green/blue filter effect on images? is there an original PSD file?

    • Hey Giacomo, I am planning on releasing the PSD very soon. Stay tuned! In the mean time if you are desperate for the filter, please shoot me an email and I will help you out. Cheers.

  4. Amazing freebie! I’ve two questions:

    1. Is there a particular reason why you use so many images, while you can achieve the same with CSS gradient backgrounds and e.g. fontawesome for the icons?

    2. What’s the name of the font you used for the Boxify logo?


    • Hi Marc

      Thanks for your feedback. When you say ‘use so many images’ – I’m not sure exactly I know where you’re going with that? There is only one image per section that has a textured background applied on top, the gradients are apart of these images and is applied at design level (Photoshop), they are not applied separately. The reason another container with a CSS gradient was not added to the code was because this would be too hard for the beginner to change and apart to their own design.

      The font used for the Boxify logo is a free font called “Pacifico”.


  5. Hello, How can I edit this MENU text example: ABOUT IT, DOWNLOAD etc.? Thank you.

  6. Hi! Thanks for this amazing theme! Is there a way to auto play the iphone slider and the one next to the ‘HTML5 Image’?

    • Yes you can, check out the custom options you can implement in to Flicky here. What you’re after is ‘autoPlay: true’.

  7. How can I add a gallery of images that uses arrows for the fancybox sections instead of one image?

  8. Nice collection I will use these templates when i am going to build sites for customers
    Thanks for giving us an wonderful collection

  9. This is awesome, I used in my company website.
    Now i need to add a disclaimer on first loading: Is there a way to add a top up / lightbox?
    I saw many references to forms, is there any examples using the existing css of a form to integrate in this amazing template?
    Thank you very much Peter to share this supercool template.