Fresh Set of CSS-only Menus

By Mary Lou on

Here is a set of fresh CSS-only menus for your website – no images, no JavaScript. The markup for the menus is always the same and I used 12 different styleshe

Find Your First Twitter Follower

By chadking on

This application aims to show you who your first follower was in twitter. It’s done with PHP and jQuery and of course it uses the twitter API. Two of the avail

Pause and Play Effect with jQuery

By cody on

Here’s an effect based on the one used in fml to stop and pause an event. The idea is that when we click on the play/pause button or press the space button, an

Some Useful JavaScript & jQuery Snippets

By cody on

How to refresh the src of an image with jQuery? $(imageobj).attr('src', $(imageobj) .attr('src') + '?' + Math.random() ); How to see if an image is loaded or not wit