jMaxInput: jQuery Twitter-Like Textarea

jMaxInput allows you to limit the input size of a textarea like it is done in Twitter. The number of characters left to type are shown while typing. The user […]


jMaxInput allows you to limit the input size of a textarea like it is done in Twitter. The number of characters left to type are shown while typing. The user can write as many characters as he wants (negative value is shown) but the text can only be submitted if the size of the input is below the limit (the button is active/inactive).

You can call it like this:


You can as well define the following properties:

  1. limit: The maximum number of characters allowed
  2. position: The position of the message
  3. showtext: Boolean for showing the text message or just the number of characters left
  4. message: A custom message shown after the number of characters left

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  7. It doesn’t work, if I leave a key pressed I can submit the form, try it in the example, just leave a key pressed so it writes something like ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’.

  8. Hi Cesar. I can’t simulate the behaviour you are saying… Which browser and version are you using?

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  11. Thanks;But is there any way so that the color of the counter
    change with the number of character left, just like twitter…

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  16. Great plugin however I don’t feel that its best to rely on javascript to create a textarea.

    It would be best if the script were just hooked to a preexisting textarea in the html rather than inserting one via javascript.


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  19. Hey… It looks like there’s a problem with the layout of the page. For some reason the text block is running into the edge. I don’t know if it’s just me or are others reporting the same thing? Just wanted to let you know in case you’ve been updating the site. Thanks!

  20. Hey how to activate that “update” button? If I would like to update whatever the user has entered in the form to a different page called “tweet.php” ??

  21. Hey guys.It’s not work with non-ansi character set on Firefox5.
    Test on Firefox5 ubuntu11.04.