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Collective #95

Inspirational Website of the Week


RSQ does not only help sell shit online since 1977 but they also have a brilliantly designed website with some cool effects and a great natural language questionnaire in the Join Us section.

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Myth, a fantastic preprocessor for CSS, will let you write modern CSS without having to worry about browser support or even current spec approval statuses. It's like a polyfill for CSS.

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A great collection of beautifully designed loading indicators animated with CSS by Tobias Ahlin.

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JavaScript Promises


Jake Archibald explains what JavaScript Promises are and why they are so extremely useful, i.e. for async success/failure handling.

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Free Font: Kari


Kari is an elegant and beautiful typeface designed by Javier Rivero.

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The science behind fonts (and how they make you feel)


An insightful article by Mikael Cho on how typographic choices impact the readers disposition and the scientific research behind it.

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Application Layout with CSS3 Flexible Box Module


Simon Speich shows how to implement a fluid fullscreen application layout using CSS flexbox.

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Switchery by Alexander Petkov lets you turn your default HTML checkbox inputs into beautiful and easy to customize iOS 7 style switches.

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Really Simple Responsive HTML Email Template


A simple, but extremely useful responsive HTML email template by Lee Munroe.

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Line Menu Icon... That Is A Menu


Chris Coyier shows how to make an animated menu that transforms from a menu icon into a full menu.

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The Runtime Performance Checklist


Paul Lewis explains the importance of not only making sites load fast but providing good performance while using the site as well. He dissects seven runtime performance problems and gives some tips on how to fix them.

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Project Hubs: A Home Base for Design Projects


Brad Frost writes about project hubs, a website where all the key design and development materials can be accessed by a project team to avoid the usual managing mess over emails and revisions of a project.

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A Moment to Breathe


Nick Cox shares his experience and insights on how to reach a better work-life balance with improved sleep habits and meditation.

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Christmas Gifs


What would be Christmas without Christmas Gif(t)s? Merry Giffing with these artsy masterpieces! :)

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Merry Christmallax


And Merry Scrolling with this beautifully made Christmas site by Petr Tichy and Jason Mitsios (design).

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If you are not a natural-born understander of nth-child and nth-of-type you should definitely check out this awesome test site by Paul Maloney.

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Free Font: Merry Scriptmas


Nico Inosanto designed Merry Scriptmas, a very elegant Christmas font that will come in handy for your Christmas designs.

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Free Font: Hallo Sans


Hallo Sans is a clean and sophisticated typeface designed by Fredrik Staurland.

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Zepto Builder


If you are using Zepto.js, you'll definitely find this builder very useful. It will let you generate a custom version of Zepto that just includes the modules you need.

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Free Font: Hungarumlaut Infinity


This spacy pictogram-dingbat font was created for the branding identity of the 'To the infinity and beyond' exhibition. It was designed by Adam Katyi and you can get is for a Tweet.

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Flat Responsive Showcase (PSD)


A great showcase PSD by Pixeden with smart layers that let you insert your project screenshots with ease.

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Flat Holiday Icons (PDF, PNG, AI)


Some sweet holiday freebies by Cat Lo including a set of super-cute icons and free holiday cards.

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