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Collective #96

Inspirational Website of the Week


The amazing website of "Hello Monday" is a masterpiece of design, interaction and effects. Our pick this week.

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Unison.js is a light-weight plugin that lets you declare breakpoints in a unified way across CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Implementing responsive functionality becomes easier with this kind of shared breakpoint information.

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Type Rendering Mix


Type Rendering Mix detects your browser's text rasterizer and antialiasing method and adds classes to the HTML element so that you can style typography to create consistent font rendering. Made by Tim Brown and Bram Stein.

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SnowBox - Sculpt and share your own snowthingie


Create your own grotesque or real looking digital snowman with this fantastic Christmas experiment by Claudio Guglieri, Emil Karlsson and Jaume Sánchez Elias

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ConfCal - A simple calendar for web and digital conferences


ConfCal is a really useful calendar that collects all web and digital conferences in one place. Created by Alex Cowles.

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Not good in inventing names for your UI mockups? is a great tool for generating real "fake" names for your designs and mockups.

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The critical rendering path


Understand the concept of the critical render path and learn how to optimize it in this insightful article by Patrick Sexton.

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SVG Files: From Illustrator to the Web


Learn the whole process of creating a SVG file and making it ready for the web in this article by Ian Yates on tuts+.

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Presenting: Fluidbox


Terry Mun shows how he re-created and improved Medium's distraction-free lightbox module. The result is "Fluidbox" and you can check out a demo here.

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White Stripes UI Kit (PSD)


A very light and elegant UI Kit with some useful components created by Heyllow Lab.

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Icon Set (AI)


A beautiful and clean vector icon set designed by Katarina Stefanikova. It contains 144 useful icons.

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LICEcap: Simple animated screen captures


If you don't know it yet: LICEcap by Cockos is a light-weight application that can capture an area of your desktop and save it directly to .GIF or .LCF.

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Pure CSS Pythagoras tree


Scott Kellum created this awesome pen that represents a Pythagoras tree made only with HTML and CSS.

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Circles: Circular SVG graphs


Circles by lugolabs is a light-wheight JavaScript library that generates circular graphs in SVG with animation-support.

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Printable Paper


A great section on InspirationHut where you can download and print out different paper types, from isometric paper to iPhone wireframes.

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New Web Animations engine in Blink drives CSS Animations & Transitions

Alex Danilo tells the exciting news of Blink's next-generation animation model implementation in Chrome Canary.

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Christmas Tree


A cool little two spiral JS Christmas tree made by Andrei Kashcha.

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