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Collective #94

Inspirational Website of the Week


The website of "Fixed Digital Agency" is a playful color explosion with some nifty effects. Our pick this week.

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Canvas - Simplify iOS Development


With the aim to simplify iOS development for both designers and developers, Meng To and Jamz Tang developed Canvas. It will help you create animations without coding.

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The Web Needs Containment


Paul Lewis writes about the shortcomings of HTML when it comes to basic concepts like the view and how primitives like that would help us build better web apps.

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Fast Image Filters with WebGL


WebGLImageFilter is a small JavaScript library for applying a chain of filters to an image for browsers with WebGL support by Dominic Szablewski.

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Simple Line Icons (AI, EPS, SVG, PSD)


A great set of simple line icons designed by Mirko Monti.

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The Design of WordPress 3.8


Read about the new design of "Parker", the latest WordPress version, in this article by Matt Thomas.

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E-Commerce Template (PSD)


A beautiful website PSD template by the talented designer Enzo Li Volti.

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Responsive Photosets


Learn how to create responsive photosets with jQuery and CSS like seen on Tumblr.

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Flatastic Mobile UI Kit (PSD)


A huge set of hundreds of mobile UI elements with a flat design for your next project.

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Creating a Film Grain Effect with CSS3


A smart technique by Doug Avery for creating a film grain effect with CSS.

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CSS Variables in Firefox Nightly


Very exciting news from Mozilla: Firefox Nightly (version 29) supports variables. Chris Heilmann explains what you'll be able to do.

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Bumpy Metaballs


Jaume Sánchez Elias created this stunning three.js demo. If you don't like the blood-like look you can choose another surface material.

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Flat Christmas


Some great flat Christmas icons by Icon8 for all platforms.

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Lu Wang gives us a JavaScript port of Vim.

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Grunt for People Who Think Things Like Grunt are Weird and Hard


Chris Coyier explains how to use Grunt in a practical way in this 24Ways article.

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Challenges & Solutions for Your Responsive Navigation


Allison Grayce explores some useful resources for responsive navigation over at the Treehouse blog.

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Free Font: Free Calligraphy


An interesting, artistic font by Ibrahim Eraslan.

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404 - File not found


A brilliant 404 page with a depressed server expressing its frustration.

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Install Flash, bitch!


A Tumblr dedicated to documenting websites that refuse to provide HTML5 VIDEO.

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An interesting project by LoadFive that let's you scan through text for data that may be of interest to check if it's spam.

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