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Collective #8

PSD Buttons


Alessio Atzeni gives us a beautifully clean set of of UI Buttons in this free PSD.

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CreateJS Suite


CreateJS is a super-suite of useful libraries and tools for creating interactive, HTML5 based web content. As they are modular, the libraries can work independently from each other. You can also mix them and use them as needed. Check out the featured projects to see some of them in action.

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Mobile-First Responsive Web Design


In this HTML5 Rocks tutorial, Brad Frost shows us step-by-step how to create a responsive website which is designed with the mobile-first strategy.

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Beercamp: An Experiment With CSS 3D


Tom Giannattasio, this year’s Beercamp website organizer, shares some amazing techniques and insights of the 3D experience that pushes the boundaries of what can be done with modern web technologies such as SVG and CSS 3D transforms. Make sure to see the website in action:

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CSS Selectors


If you need a complete reference of CSS Selectors then this is the right site. It's a great overview with links to live examples and visual indication for browser support.

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Let’s Talk about Semantics


Mike Robinson explains the importance and of semantics in HTML and how to employ HTML5 for writing meaningful markup without getting lost in the confusion that surrounds it.

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Tracking Scroll Depth


If you have a website you might have wondered how far down users scroll to see the "below-the-fold" content. Rob Flaherty from Ravelrumba explains how to use jQuery Scroll Depth to record and report scroll events to Google Analytics in order to see the scroll percentage.

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Create heatmaps of a website with this JavaScript library that employs HTML5 canvas.

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Have you ever wondered how to slide the whole website and reveal a sidebar panel a lá Path? With this jQuery Plugin you can simply do that and create a really nice effect for showing optional content. Don't forget to check out the responsive demo.

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Responsive Viewport Units


The new CSS3 values and units vh, vw, and vmin are arriving and it's time to meet these cool kids. David Storey introduces them and shows us how to use them in a responsive example.

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Refactoring >14,000 lines of CSS into Sass


How do you turn a CSS mess into slick high-performance CSS? You use SASS! Eugene Fedorenko will show you how he did it at Beanstalk and what the advantages over "handcrafted" CSS are.

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10 High-Quality Photography Icons


Iconshock has designed this amazingly detailed icon set for the readers of the Vandelay Design blog. The set includes 10 high-quality photography-related PNG icons.

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About CSS Variables


Now that the CSS Variables Module Level 1 is an actual Working Draft of the W3C, you might be interested in how CSS Variables work. This is a short overview with a couple of examples.

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How to use CSS to hide links without href?

A very interesting question on Stackoverflow about an interesting little problem with even more interesting answers. It will help you undertstand more about CSS Selectors.

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200 Free Icons


Inventicons gives us this fabolous icon set for free. It includes many useful UI icons and is free for personal and commerical use.

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Alphageometry - Decorative Typeface


This is not a font in the classical sense but letters in vector format that you can use to create beautiful decorative illustrations.

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Have you ever worked with Cookies in JavaScript on your website and find it too messy? This small and independent JavaScript library will help you with setting, getting and removing cookies in the most simple way. It has some very useful methods, accepts several paramteres and allows chaining.

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Premium Pixels Icon Set


Matt Gentile did it again: a super-slick icon set, including the Photoshop custom shape file.

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