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Collective #9

A Pure CSS3 Cycling Slideshow


In this detailed in-depth tutorial, Alessio Atzeni shows us how to create an infinitely looping slider of images using only CSS3 animation.

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TouchTouch – A Touch Optimized Gallery Plugin


Martin Angelov shares his newest experiment with us: a jQuery plugin that turns a collection of photos on a website into a touch-friendly mobile gallery. It was designed with iOS and Android in mind.

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No Cookie Law


Please take a moment to get familiar with this new law of the European Union. The law makes the use of web cookies illegal in Europe without asking people for permission first. This will negatively impact user experience and not solve any privacy issues. Please spread the word to raise awareness and sign the petition in order to make a change. Also, read this article on Speckyboy about the campaign.

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Logo Inspiration from Dribbble


Antigone Identity by Bruno Fernandes

Logo Inspiration from Dribbble


Dog Show by Den Parukedonos

Logo Inspiration from Dribbble


Waterdrops Logo by Steffan Lund

Logo Inspiration from Dribbble


Zemelyshka by Igor_Eezo

Logo Inspiration from Dribbble


Weldworks5 by Shannon Hatch

Logo Inspiration from Dribbble


C by Ivan Bobrov

Logo Inspiration from Dribbble


Bakers At Dawn by Becky Weykamp

Logo Inspiration from Dribbble


Peacock by Dalius Stuoka

Logo Inspiration from Dribbble


BIRDLOGO by Dominik Schmidt

Logo Inspiration from Dribbble


Nerds Night Out Logo by Jared Bell

CSS3 Structural Pseudo-class Expressions Explained


Learn how pseudo-classes that use a function-like syntax (like for example li:nth-child(4n+2) and others) work.

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Interactive Menu with CSS3 & jQuery


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a nice menu that will expand its items once you click on them. It uses some CSS3 goodness and also jQuery.

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This powerful D3 plugin will allow you to create better real-time visualizations of time series. It can pull data from several sources, such as Graphite and Cube.

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Skeumorphism and Storytelling


Read about what skeumorphism has to do with storytelling and how usability benefits with skeuomorphic design despite the critique of "making digital things look like real things".

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Free Social Icon Pack


A nice social media icon set from Onextrapixel, made by Stéphanie Walter.

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Circular Thumbnail Gallery With CSS


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a thumbnail gallery with circular thumbnails that animate on hover.

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Easybook is an application that lets you easily publish books in various electronic formats. It was designed to publish technical programming books, but it can be used for publishing novels, manuals, technical books and websites. It was released under MIT open source license, so you can use it freely and modify it.

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Audio Player in HTML5 & CSS3


Learn how to create a beautiful audio player using MediaElement.js in this tutorial. The interface is designed using the Impressionist UI.

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Transitions Only After Page Load

Learn how to load CSS transitions only after the page is loaded with this little trick.

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Accordion Image Gallery with only CSS


Heiko Stiegert shows us how to create a CSS-only accordion image gallery using the CSS3 pseudo-classes :target and :not().

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Koottam Social jQuery Plugin


This jQuery Plugin will display your social links together with those interesting numbers. It is themeable, very easy to use and it comes with some useful options.

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Real Shadow


With this cool jQuery Plugin you can cast photorealistic shadows.

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The Two-Click Rule

A very interesting read about the visitors' behavior of a corporate website and what implications it has for designing.

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