Bi-Weekly Frontend News

Collective #7

CSS3 Animated Media Queries


Learn how to start using media queries and how to combine CSS transition with them in order to show an animated change of your website elements.

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With Breezi you can design, edit & launch interactive websites in minutes. It's free for those who sign up for the service until the end of April.

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CSS Arrow Please!


Do you need an arrow shape in pure CSS? Are you tired of looking up how it's done? With this little CSS arrow configurator you can simply create the arrow you need and copy the CSS.

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Usability Design Considerations for Web Forms


Kayla Knight explains the design perspective of web form usability and how certain aspects will make it easier to use a form.

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Automatic responsive images in WordPress


Learn how to use the Responsive Enhance script in Wordpress in order to serve images with the right resolution.

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CSS3 Scroll Effects


Hakim might call them silly, but they are certainly ├╝bercool: some awesome list scroll effects that show how you can go crazy and add some depth to shallow lists.

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25 Free Photoshop Image Processing Actions


WeGraphics gives us a really useful freebie: some great Photoshop actions for manipulating photos. The set was created by Nathan Brown.

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Should the Standard Property Be Omitted for Some CSS3 Features?


Louis Lazaris explains the problems of listing the standard CSS property after the lines with the vendor-specific notation for some cases.

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Retina Images


Retina Images is a PHP/JS solution for serving different images based on the device being used by the viewer.

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Media Query & Asset Downloading Results


Tim Kadlec shares his insightful test results of how images are downloaded when media queries are involved.

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HTML5 Drag and Drop Tutorial


Andrey Prikaznov shows us how to sort photos into albums using the HTML5 drag and drop functionality.

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Canvas Animation Playground


Matthias Sch├╝tz developed HTMLiveCode, a great browser-based editor for real-time HTML/CSS/JS prototyping. Canvas Animation Playground is an experimental tool for creating HTML5 canvas animations built on HMLiveCode.

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SweetiePlus Icon Set


SweetiePlus is a new and enhanced version of the lovely icon set Sweetie. You can use it under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license and it's useful for websites and apps.

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jQuery(This) is a fresh new resource site for jQuery plugins, tutorials and interviews with developers.

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Story Wheel


Story Wheel lets you record a story around your Instragram pictures and share it on the web as a nostalgic slideshow.

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Scriffon is not another blogging platform but a free tool for publishing written work on the web. From essays to short novels, from recipes to how-tos and more.

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Free Font MOLESK


Molesk is a beautiful font that is part of a fundraising project (Type Factory).

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