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Photoshop's journey to the web

Adobe, in collaboration with Chrome, has brought a public beta of Photoshop to the web, using WebAssembly and various web technologies to overcome previous limitations and leverage the advantages of the web platform for accessibility, collaboration, and performance improvements.

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This great site provides word lists categorized into different themes, each describing various aspects or qualities of things related to that theme, such as behavior, containment, likeness, order, an many more.

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Pure CSS low-poly: Aquatic Life

Maciek Fitzner is passionate about exploring 3D shapes using pure CSS, using trigonometry to manipulate divs and create various geometric forms, including aquatic animals, starfish, and more, while occasionally delving into 2D and experimenting with trigonometric calculations for creative design.

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The JSON Generator offers a streamlined approach to creating random JSON data using templates, ensuring consistency, rapid data generation, and adherence to standards like RFC 8259 and ECMA-404.

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Living Color: Designing through synesthesia

Annice Jumani, a design director, reflects on how her experience with synesthesia, where she sees letters and numbers as colors, influenced her learning and perspective in design, ultimately turning what she once thought was a pitfall into a unique superpower that she now embraces and uses in her work.

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Astro 3D View Transitions Demo

Maxi Ferreira showcases a demo using React Three Fiber to create an animated 3D model that persists across page navigations. You can find the GitHub repo here. Note that View Transitions are currently primarily supported on Chromium browsers.

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A tool that let's you create your own bitmap font with character preview and character editor.

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The invisible problem

In this article, Scott Jenson aims to shed light on the challenges and issues related to text editing on mobile devices, emphasizing how these challenges have been poorly addressed compared to desktop text editing.

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Perfect text outline/knockout text

Sixian shows three implementations for creating a knockout text effect without stroke overlap or edge artifacts, comparing text-stroke, text-shadow, and SVG feMorphologycode>, ultimately favoring the SVG approach.

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Introducing Message Decoder

Zane Shannon spent 2023 exploring innovative ideas for computer operating systems, focusing on improving notification systems, particularly on macOS, and ultimately developed Message Decoder, a Mac app that streamlines the handling of one-time passcodes.

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In-Page Links for Content Navigation

In-page links, often embedded in the table of contents, help users navigate to specific content sections on the same page. While research showed increased user familiarity with the design pattern, carefully consider content structures before implementation.

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CSS Nesting and the Cascade

Jen Simmons writes about how the Safari Technology Preview 179 introduces an update to CSS Nesting, allowing relaxed parsing behavior for nested selectors.

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User flows

A great place to find user flow patterns and video recordings for improving customer experience.

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Epic Easing

Quickly and easily generate easing curves for ease, spring, and bounce animations. Utilize animation presets or create your own custom animation curve, spring, or bounce. Instantly export to CSS, SCSS, Objective-C, and Swift.

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