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State of HTML 2023

A new survey called "State of HTML" which aims to track the evolution of HTML and its related technologies in the web development world, helping browser vendors prioritize their roadmaps and improve compatibility.

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Nue: Frontend troublesolver

A minimalistic JavaScript library and frontend development toolset that aims to simplify web development, offering alternatives to popular frameworks like React, Vue, and Next.js, with an emphasis on speed, small bundle sizes, and a developer-friendly experience.

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Responsive type scales with composable CSS utilities

Tobias Ahlin shows how to create responsive and fluid typography using CSS calc(), clamp(), and CSS variables, explaining the complex calculations involved and providing utility classes for easily implementing adaptable type scales within specific size ranges.

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SeaGOAT is a local code search engine that uses vector embeddings for semantic codebase searches.

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The Design System Ecosystem

This article by Brad Frost discusses the complexities of creating a mature design system in a large organization, breaking it down into optional layers and components, such as design tokens, icons, UI components, and reference websites, to support the creation of user interfaces at scale.

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HyperDX is an open-source tool for engineers to centralize and correlate various telemetry data, such as logs, metrics, traces, and session replays, as an alternative to Datadog and New Relic, aiming to make troubleshooting production issues faster and more accessible.

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Windows 95

An ongoing Windows 95 operating system experiment by Gabrielle Wee. It's an attempt to get as close as possible to Windows 95 using primarily CSS and HTML, with some JavaScript.

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Beautifully designed components built with Radix Vue and Tailwind CSS. Many examples to browse and obtain the code from.

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Silly Co Valley

Fairpixels has created "SillyCoValley," a fun fast-paced startup simulation game where players become the founder of a tech startup with a $40k seed round and 120 days to build a successful product, but beware of running out of funds before demo day.

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The ups and downs of text-wrap: balance and a polyfill

Steffen Bewersdorff writes about "text-wrap: balance", a CSS property that automatically aligns text lines for responsive layouts, discusses its technical limitations, browser support, use cases, and provides a lightweight polyfill for unsupported browsers, while cautioning against its overuse and mentions its sibling property, "text-wrap: pretty".

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Array Labs: 3D Mapping Earth from Space

Packy McCormick writes about Array Labs, a startup aiming to create a daily-refreshed, high-resolution 3D map of Earth using a distributed network of small radar imaging satellites, highlighting the potential applications and challenges in the Earth observation market.

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Vizro is a toolkit for rapidly creating custom data visualization applications with simple configuration and optional high-code extensions, combining low-code and high-code approaches for flexibility and scalability.

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Figma Guide to Handoff

Streamline your handoff process with a step-by-step guide for prepping Figma design files, including file organization, documentation, and collaboration tips.

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