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Collective #786


Fun with stroke-dasharray

This article by Yuan Chuan explores the creative possibilities of the stroke-dasharray property in SVG, demonstrating various interesting visual effects that can be achieved using this property, such as creating dashed lines, animating dashes, and more.

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New GSAP Site

The new web presence by GSAP is a stunning display of the powerful animations you can create with the JavaScript library that has been empowering developers for many years.

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QX82 is a tiny JavaScript engine that lets you create games and experiences inspired by the look and feel of a retro 80s computer.

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Glittery Icon Effect

Jhey Thompkins shows how to create a glittery icon hover/interaction effect in CSS by masking canvas elements with desired icons and animating them on hover, with a focus on optimizing performance by using techniques like gsap.ticker.

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Flexoki is an inky color scheme for prose and code. It's designed for reading and writing on digital screens, inspired by analog printing inks and warm shades of paper. Flexoki is minimalistic, high-contrast, and open-source.

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Summer of Math Exposition

The Summer of Math Exposition (SoME) is an annual competition to foster the creation of excellent math content online. The SoME3 winners are showcased on the site, with topics ranging from the mathematics of string art to the calculus of variations, pixel art anti-aliasing, and more.

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New origin trial for fullscreen popup windows

The article discusses a new origin trial for fullscreen popup windows in Chrome. It explains the previous two-step process for opening a fullscreen popup and introduces a new one-step method available from Chrome 119 to Chrome 122. The feature allows developers to open popup windows in fullscreen mode with a single user gesture.

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Hey, Computer, Make Me a Font

Sergey Tselovalnikov shares his journey of learning to build generative machine learning models from scratch, specifically focused on teaching a computer to create genuine true type fonts, with the project named 'FontoGen'.

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When to Nest CSS

Scott Vandehey writes about the use of CSS nesting in the context of modern web development, highlighting when it should be used and when it should be avoided, with a focus on reducing selector specificity and improving stylesheet readability.

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A Rust-native cloud development platform that allows users to deploy Rust applications for free with features such as zero-configuration support.

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