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Inspirational Website of the Week: 14islands

This week's standout is 14islands' newest design, a true testament to creativity. With delightful water-themed interactions, mesmerizing WebGL distortion, and striking typography effects, it's a visual treat. The page transitions are seamless, and an exciting easter egg interaction awaits in the footer.

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The Tyranny of the Marginal User

Ivan Vendrov reflects on the trend of consumer software becoming less user-centric, attributing this shift to the "Tyranny of the Marginal User" and the focus on attracting and retaining users with short attention spans and minimal interest in customization.

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A (more) Modern CSS Reset

Andy Bell acknowledges that his previously published "A Modern CSS Reset" from four years ago has become outdated and provides an updated version of the CSS reset, explaining each rule in detail and offering insights into their rationale, concluding that while resets are useful, they may not be necessary due to the advancements in web browsers, and encourages readers to create their own tailored resets.

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How Custom Property Values are Computed

Stephanie Eckles writes about the complexities of using custom properties (CSS variables) and highlights issues related to how browsers compute final property values, covering topics such as computed, inherited, and initial values, computed value time, and the impact on modern CSS support, along with strategies to prevent custom property failures.

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From WebGL to WebGPU

In this article, François Beaufort discusses the transition from WebGL to WebGPU, highlighting key differences between the two technologies, including state management, asynchronous operations, the introduction of compute shaders, video frame processing capabilities, and more.

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Generate beautiful AI spiral art with one click. Powered by Vercel and Replicate. An open source project by Steven Tey.

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EmojiGen is an open source emoji generator where you can input anything and a emoji style image is generated.

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JPEG and EXIF Data Manipulation in JavaScript

This article provides a detailed guide on how to read and update EXIF metadata in JPEG images using JavaScript, covering topics such as EXIF structure, segment delimitations, IFD directories, tag formats, and endianness detection.

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Rivet is an open-source visual AI programming environment designed for building AI agents with large language models (LLMs), allowing teams to collaborate on complex LLM prompt graphs and deploy them in their applications with features like visualization, remote debugging, and collaboration tools.

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A lightning-fast, modern web framework in Python. It's still high alpha state and many features are on the way. Help by contributing to it.

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