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Collective #769


Cyclic Dependency Space Toggles

Roman Komarov introduces a brilliant technique he calls "Cyclic Toggles" that allows for selecting a value from a list in CSS by toggling a single custom property, and explains the logic behind it and its use cases.

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Positioning anchored popovers

This article by Hidde de Vries dives into the topic of positioning anchored popovers in CSS. It explores the challenges of positioning popovers when they are in the top layer, away from the context of their invoker.

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Blur Vignette effect in CSS

Artur Bień shows how to create a blur vignette effect using pure CSS, achieved through creating an overlay with backdrop-filter and a mask-image consisting of 6 gradients.

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The gotchas of CSS Nesting

Kilian Valkhof writes how CSS nesting and the use of :is() both have their own potential gotchas when it comes to the way browsers transform nested CSS rules to individual rules, with the latter potentially resulting in vastly more specific CSS selectors.

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The origin private file system

Thomas Steiner discusses the origin private file system (OPFS), a newly introduced storage endpoint that is highly optimized for performance and visible only to the origin of the page, not to the user.

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Weave, developed by the team at Weights and Biases, is a new open-source toolkit designed for performant, interactive data exploration.

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Modern CSS For Dynamic Component-Based Architecture

This great article by Stephanie Eckles discusses the latest features and improvements in CSS, including using CSS reset additions, project architecture with nesting and cascade layers, and theming and branding with custom properties, color-scheme, and accent-color.

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Sandstorm is an open source project built by a community of volunteers with the goal of making it really easy to run open source web applications.

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An Introduction To Debugging In Node.Js

This article by Craig Buckler provides tips and techniques for debugging Node.js applications, including using a good code editor, source control systems, bug tracking systems, test-driven development, and more.

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Understanding GPT tokenizers

Simon Willison explains what tokens are and how they work in large language models such as GPT-3/4, LLaMA, and PaLM. He shares a tool for exploring how tokens work and includes examples of tokenization in various languages.

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