Free AI Generated Images Vol. 1

Our first collection of 120+ free AI generated images for you to use in your projects or draw inspiration from. Prompts included!

Today we are very happy to offer you our first collection of over 120 free AI generated images. This and upcoming collections will delve into the beautiful realm of AI generated art, free to download and use in your personal and commercial projects under the CC BY 4.0 license. Use them in your web design mockups and client work or any other project.

Additionally, you can simply copy the prompt and try to generate similar AI art yourself!

To download the images, click on the picture directly or on the link icon and it will open in a new tab for you.

If you would like to share your AI generated art with the community here, please let us know and we’ll feature it in the upcoming collection.

The following images were generated using Midjourney and upscaled using BigJpg.

Cute 3D Building Models

3D Lounge Area

Futuristic Haute Couture

Soft Glowing Shapes

Afternoon Hangout

3D Object Compositions

Pearls and Shells

Fashion Jewellery

Minimal Sculptures

Pearl Sculptures

Shiny Circuits

Fashion Photography

And that’s our first collection of free AI generated art!

We really hope you enjoyed it and got inspired! Please let us know your feedback in the comments, if you enjoyed this collections and if you would like us to explore some specific theme in the future!

Thanks for checking by!

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Manoela Ilic

Manoela is the main tinkerer at Codrops. With a background in coding and passion for all things design, she creates web experiments and keeps frontend professionals informed about the latest trends.

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  1. These are truly amazing. I have always been fascinated by the work you guys have been delivering throughout the years.

    • Grazie, puoi ottenerlo passando con il mouse sopra l’immagine e facendo clic su “Copy prompt”. (Oppure puoi trovarlo nel “alt” attributo di ogni immagine)

  2. these images are beautiful and your image prompts are simple, yet effective!

    do you have any advice on how to write better prompts? also do the prompts work well with other generators (like stable diffusion)?