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Collective #768


Reducing Complexity in Front End Development

Michelle Barker discusses the importance of reducing complexity in front-end development by evaluating and managing third-party dependencies, considering native web platform features, and being mindful of the impact on performance and maintainability.

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AI Means More Developers

Matt Rickard discusses how developers are trending towards higher abstractions and using AI to generate code faster and with less skills needed, which can increase productivity and salaries for experienced developers, but may also squeeze out those in the middle who are unable to manage dependencies or code quality.

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Create your own personal jQuery!?

Chris Ferdinandi demonstrates how to create a small jQuery-like library using the JavaScript class pattern and modern methods, allowing developers to simplify and author code similar to jQuery without relying on the jQuery library itself.

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A JavaScript scrollbar plugin that hides native scrollbars, provides custom styleable overlay scrollbars and keeps the native functionality and feeling.

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How AI may impact software architecture

Andrew Carr writes how AI tools are already speeding up coding, and could potentially impact the design of software architecture by making it more data-driven, enabling faster prototype testing of backends, allowing more nuanced trade-offs, and generating useful diagrams from the code.

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Native Frame Rate Playback

A super interesting article on how Netflix has addressed the issue of judder, or choppy video playback, caused by frame rate conversion on HDMI source devices by adopting a variety of solutions, including matching the HDMI output frame rate with the content frame rate and converting the presentation time stamp value of each video frame to minimise the effect of judder.

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Generative AI learning path

This learning path by Google guides you through a curated collection of content on generative AI products and technologies, from the fundamentals of Large Language Models to how to create and deploy generative AI solutions on Google Cloud.

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Druzhok: Free Display Font

Druzhok is a free display font designed by Vlada Oleynik, featuring alternative characters and ligatures for flexibility in personal and commercial use.

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