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A virtual space where you can reate and remix interactive rooms directly from the browser. There are example rooms available to explore, and features include the ability to choose from hundreds of items to add, build anything desired, view the source code and change how things work, and share the room with others for playback on desktop and iOS.

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Mastering CSS Blend Modes

This article is about CSS blend modes and how they offer a powerful tool for creating visually interesting designs by manipulating the interaction of elements and applying blending techniques to overlay images, text, and other elements.

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Don Knuth's ChatGPT questions

Don Knuth's questions and super-interesting commentary on the answers of chatGPT, with topics ranging from computer science to literature. While expressing amazement, Knuth also provides criticism and highlights an intriguing observation, noting how the confident tone of the AI's responses lends credibility to the fabricated information, making it difficult for those unaware of the source to question its authority and research.

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Gradient Along SVG Path with GSAP

This article by Ksenia Kondrashova provides a tutorial on creating a gradient along an SVG path using GSAP and JavaScript, showcasing step-by-step instructions and code examples to achieve the desired effect.

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QR Code Designer

QR Code Designer is a web app that allows you to create QR codes with custom designs in the middle section, offering a unique approach that maintains QR code functionality while adding personalized visual elements.

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Slack Architecture

In this extensive article on Slack Architecture, the author explores the system design of Slack, highlighting its real-time messaging platform, workspaces, channels, and user interactions, while providing resources for further learning and terminology clarification.

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Brief Note on Popovers with Dialogs

Adrian Roselli warns developers of potential issues for users when mixing and matching patterns of popovers and dialogs and recommends testing overlapping interactions or converting all modal dialogs to native HTML <dialog> elements.

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Nyxt browser: The hacker's browser

Out of the box Nyxt ships with tens of features that allow you to quickly analyze, navigate, and extract information from the Internet. Plus, Nyxt is fully hackable- all of its source code can be introspected, modified, and tweaked to your exact specification.

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