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Collective #762

Inspirational Website of the Week: Self Aware

Self Aware is a website with a perky and unique design, full of delightful details that will put a smile on your face. With its well-chosen typography and pleasant color theme it's fun and playful, while still maintaining a professional edge.

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Crafting the Next.js Website

Rauno Freiberg describes the process of building a new website for Next.js using a simple yet delightful design. The article breaks down some of the implementation details.

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Keyv is a simple key-value storage with support for multiple backend adapters (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Redis, Mongo, DynamoDB, Firestore, Memcached, and more). It supports TTL and namespace, even in the same storage.

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Neat CSS

Neat CSS is a minimalist CSS framework by Joel Dare that is small and designed to last. It is inspired by minimalist sites and is intended for use in blogs, journals, technical sites, documentation, books, and simple shops.

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The “const” Deception

In this article, Josh W Comeau explains the difference between assignment and mutation in JavaScript, and how it relates to the const keyword. He also discusses the distinction between re-assignment and mutation and how they apply to variables created with const.

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CSS Blend Modes

This well designed resource by Brad Woods explains what CSS blend modes are, how to use them with the background-blend-mode and mix-blend-mode properties, and provides interactive examples to demonstrate the different blend modes and their effects.

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Container Query Units and Fluid Typography

Stephanie Eckles writes about fluid typography and how to design font-size rules that adapt the size based on the available inline space. She explores three ways to create dynamic fluid typography rules using container query units and CSS custom properties, including creating mixins and using max(), min(), calc() and clamp().

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RedPajama, a project to create leading open-source models, starts by reproducing LLaMA training dataset of over 1.2 trillion tokens

Read about RedPajama, a project aimed at creating a set of leading, fully open-source language models. The project has completed its first step, which is the reproduction of the LLaMA training dataset of over 1.2 trillion tokens, and has made it available for commercial use. RedPajama consists of pre-training data, base models, and instruction tuning data and models.

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RegexGPT is an AI-based tool that allows you to generate regular expression patterns by inputting an example of the text you would like to transform and an example of the expected result.

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BSMNT Foundry: Not Your Average Fontshop

This article takes us on a journey through the development of a unique font shop, The Basement Foundry. Starting with the design of a bespoke typeface for the brand's studio, the project expanded into a full storefront and playground for new creative workflows.

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Bark: Text-Prompted Generative Audio Model

Bark is a transformer-based text-to-audio model that can generate highly realistic, multilingual speech as well as other audio, including music, background noise and simple sound effects. The model can also produce nonverbal communications like laughing, sighing and crying.

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