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Collective #761


AutoFocusDOF: Autofocus DOF component for React Three Fiber

The AutoFocusDOF Component by Anderson Mancini is a tool that simplifies the process of creating a scene with React Three Fiber and post-processing effects for auto-focusing. It uses RayCaster to calculate the distance of objects on Canvas and requires @react-three/postprocessing to function.

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Introducing npm package provenance

GitHub has announced a new feature for its npm packages called "provenance" that provides a verifiable way to link a package back to its source repository and the specific build instructions used to publish it. This will increase trust in the npm supply chain by giving developers the tools they need to ensure the integrity of their software supply chain.

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With Wayyy you can create various types of surveys to gather feedback from your team or audience. It has features such as response analysis to provide insights and a customizable survey experience with branding options.

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AI Search

Phind: AI search engine

Phind is an AI-powered search engine optimized for developers and technical questions that provides instant answers with detailed explanations and relevant code snippets from the web. It uses large AI language models to generate answers based on information from multiple sources and is always up to date.

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Space Elevator

Space Elevator

In this beautiful and educational scroll experience you take a trip to space and explore the atmosphere in the world's only space elevator. An amazing creation by Neal Agarwal.

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Storybook 7.0

Storybook 7.0 is a major release for the popular UI workshop environment. It includes new features such as Vite support, zero-config support for NextJS and SvelteKit, improved type safety, a UI design refresh, an overhaul of the documentation system with MDX2 support, improved interaction testing, and more. The release aims to modernize Storybook and improve its stability in a rapidly-changing frontend ecosystem.

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Offline Is Just Online With Extreme Latency

Jim Nielsen discusses the concept of "Local-first Software" presented by Peter Van Hardenberg, which proposes a paradigm shift in software development, from cloud-based to device-based, where the cloud is leveraged for data storage, accessibility, and collaboration without being dependent on it, and how this could lead to a more resilient approach to building for the web.

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Animated Drawings

Learn about the Animated Drawings project, which is an implementation of an algorithm for automatically animating children's drawings of the human figure. The project provides a creative tool that allows users to create animations with their own drawn characters by modifying configuration files, and also offers a browser-based demo for quick and easy animation.

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Exploring :has() Again

Michelle Barker revisits the :has() pseudo-class in CSS, demonstrating its ability to select any element in the DOM relative to another, as long as they share a common ancestor, and provides some practical demos.

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Web Accessibility: A Reference to Creating Inclusive Websites

A comprehensive guide to web accessibility and inclusive web design, covering over 50 points, tips, and advice across ten different categories. The article highlights the importance of ensuring that websites comply with accessibility standards to provide an inclusive online experience for individuals with disabilities, who rely on assistive technology like screen readers to browse the web.

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Web LLM is an innovative project that aims to bring language model chats directly onto web browsers, without requiring server support. It leverages the power of WebGPU to accelerate the process and enable users to build AI assistants with privacy and GPU acceleration.

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Pattern Club

Joel Rosen created this fantastic place for inspiration: A curated gallery of patterns, textures and visuals by awesome designers and illustrators.

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