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Collective #763


Three.js Workshops by Yuri Artiukh

Now you can learn Three.js from Yuri Artiukh. The first course is designed for people who are new to the GPGPU technique and may feel intimidated by it. It is geared towards beginner and intermediate learners, with all demos included in the course and built with Three.js.

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How to become a “Designer Who Codes”

Meagan Fisher writes about her journey to becoming a "Designer Who Codes," or a designer with front-end development skills. She explains the benefits of learning to code and how it has improved their career.

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Prompt Engineering vs. Blind Prompting

Mitchell Hashimoto explores the difference between "Prompt Engineering" and "Blind Prompting" in the context of language models. He argues that prompt engineering is a real skill that can be developed based on real experimental methodologies and provides a practical example of prompt engineering to extract information from language models.

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Pretty awesome: TextNet Browser is an Android app that enables global web browsing without mobile data. It uses SMS to send HTTP requests to a server, which sends back pre-parsed HTML responses compressed with Google's Brotli and encoded with a custom Base-114 format.

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I want to talk about WebGPU

This article highlights the debut of WebGPU, a novel graphics API enabling the rendering of both 3D and 2D graphics on web browsers.

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Mojo: Programming language for all of AI

Mojo is a new programming language designed for AI developers that combines the usability of Python with the performance of C, enabling unparalleled programmability of AI hardware and extensibility of AI models. It allows developers to write everything in one language, from high-level Python to low-level machine code.

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Simpler cookie notices

Learn how to put the native dialog element and the Cookie Store API to good use for a simple cookie notice. By Thomas Vantuycom.

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The latest release of the amazing future web UI is now available and features an updated version of a minimal UI for three.js. This release also includes helpful tools such as a material browser, mesh and light helpers, all conveniently placed into a compact panel.

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Building GitHub with Ruby and Rails

Read how, which has been built with Ruby on Rails, handles weekly upgrades and testing using the latest versions of Ruby and Rails. The process has been instrumental in helping the GitHub team catch bugs and improve the performance of the application.

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The Fediverse

The website is an introduction to the concept of fediverse, which is a network of decentralized and interconnected social media platforms that allow users to communicate and share content without having to create multiple accounts on different services. By Stefan Bohacek.

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