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Collective #758

CodeQuest - Learn To Code!

This gaming-based platform makes coding fun, rewarding, and downright addictive. Interactive challenges and rewards will help you master complex concepts and develop problem-solving skills along the way.

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This article by Bartosz Ciechanowski explores the physics of riding a bicycle, examining the forces that make it possible to control and maneuver a bike without damaging its parts. Through simple scenarios and interactive demonstrations, readers can develop an intuitive understanding of the interplay between these forces and the mechanics of a bicycle.

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Improving CSS Shapes with Trigonometric Functions

Dan Wilson explores the use of CSS trigonometric functions to simplify the creation of regular polygons and more complex shapes using clip-path and shape-outside.The article includes an overview of basic clip paths and a discussion on the math behind trigonometry, along with demos on combining trigonometric functions and clip paths.

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Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem - npm scripts

In last part of a series on speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem, Marvin Hagemeister highlights the widespread usage of 'npm scripts' in the JavaScript community and discusses the lack of optimization, which adds around 400ms of overhead. The article then dives into ways to optimize these scripts, ultimately reducing the overhead to about 22ms.

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The Ultimate Guide to Image Optimisation

Learn how to optimize your website's images for better performance and page speed, and ultimately improve user experience and Core Web Vitals, with this comprehensive guide that covers everything from the basics of image optimization to the best tools and techniques to use for maximum results.

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CSS-only Widgets Are Inaccessible

In this article Adrian Roselli argues that CSS-only interactive widgets are often inaccessible because they rely solely on CSS to convey their state, properties, and values to users of assistive technologies.

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Health Benefits of Browser Diversity

In this article, Tim Kadlec discusses the possible health benefits of browser diversity, particularly in the context of Apple's potential decision to allow other browser engines to be used on iOS.

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Chatblade is a versatile command-line interface (CLI) tool designed to interact with OpenAI's ChatGPT. It accepts piped input, arguments, or both, and allows you to save common prompt preambles for quick usage. Additionally, Chatblade provides utility methods to extract JSON or Markdown from ChatGPT responses.

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Patterns are gonna be a game changer for WordPress

Learn how patterns, the new paradigm added to WordPress, are going to become a definitive game-changer for site building, and how they will allow for smarter and more advanced site building by being treated as intelligent components, globally synced and editable, detachable, and more controlled, providing a more predictable outcome for clients.

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A really cool demo by Nemutas that shows infinitely scrollable spiral images.

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