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The End of Front-End Development

Josh W Comeau's article discusses the increasing capabilities of large language models like GPT-4 and offers a more optimistic perspective on how they will impact the future of software development.

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Scrutch is a writing editor that prioritizes privacy, without sacrificing functionality or convenience, allowing you to write without registering an account or compromising your security, and offering offline editing capabilities and PWA support for mobile devices. Made by André Simmert.

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When is :focus-visible visible?

Ire Aderinokun explains when the :focus-visible CSS pseudo-class should be used to indicate focus on an element in order to balance aesthetics and accessibility.

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Laying Out a Print Book With CSS

The author Ian G McDowell details his experience of laying out his debut technothriller book using CSS instead of using professional software, and while this approach is not recommended, he was able to achieve the desired formatting of a traditional print book using only HTML, CSS, and a little weasy black magic.

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Introducing is a new website launched by the React team that serves as the new home for React and its documentation. The site teaches modern React with function components and Hooks, and includes diagrams, illustrations, challenges, and over 600 new interactive examples.

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Transformers.js provides access to machine learning models, particularly those used for natural language and visual processing, through the browser, with some amazing demos showcasing their capabilities.

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Prompt Engineering

An in-depth article about prompt engineering, including various techniques and tips for effective prompting in language models, as well as automatic prompt design.

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Carl from Creative Coding Club shows how to make SVG goo, specifically how to make some gooey objects draggable with GreenSocks' Draggable.

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And to continue with our previous find: burocratik reached out to Carl after his video to share this goo tool which they use on the Flecto website. Read the tweet about it.

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A new split text class that is accessible and supports nested tags. Made by Paul Langton.

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All commands

A repository for the most elegant and useful UNIX commands. Great commands can be shared, discussed and voted on to provide a comprehensive resource for working from the command-line

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