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Collective #35

Inspirational Website of the Week


This infographic website by Evans Halshaw will blow your socks off, especially if you are a Bond fan and car appreciator!

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Touch Gesture Icons (PSD, EPS, PNG)


A set of brilliant free touch gesture icons designed for multi-touch devices.

Check it out Create Beautiful One-Pagers


With you can create simple and stunning-looking one-page websites quickly, easily and for free.

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Create a Trendy Retro Photo Effect Purely with CSS


A great retro photo effect tutorial using CSS only by Chris Spooner.

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Ligature Symbols


A super-useful free font with a complete collection of many icons ready to be used as a web font.

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Colorful CSS3 Animated Navigation Menu


A detailed tutorial by Martin Angelov on how to create a colorful drop-down menu using only CSS3 and the Font Awesome icon font.

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Responsive CSS Framework Comparison


If you are planning to use a responsive CSS Framework in your next project but are not sure which one fits your needs best, then check out this great comparison of Bootstrap vs. Foundation vs. Skeleton.

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Using the PageVisibility API


Joe Marini shows us what the new PageVisibility API is all about and what it can be useful for.

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Viewport Resizer: Responsive Design Bookmarklet


Viewport resizer is a bookmarklet created by Malte Wassermann for testing any website’s responsiveness.

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GitHub Game Off


Github is throwing its own game jam! You have the entire month of November to create a web-based game and you are encouraged to use open source libraries, frameworks, graphics, and sounds.

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The New Awwwards is coming


If you like to browse Awwwards for new web design inspiration then you might want to assist their re-vamp which will come out today (28th of October)!

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Free Font: Indi 36


An interesting and creative font experiment by John Grilla.

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Fine Uploader


This project attempts to achieve a user-friendly file-uploading experience over the web. It's built as a JavaScript plugin for developers looking to incorporate file-uploading into their website.

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Kort: Thumbnail Preview Concept


An interesting thumbnail preview concept by Hakim El Hattab, which works for hover and touch.

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$.url(): Simple URL Parser


If you need a simple and light-weight URL parser for jQuery then this might be just right for you.

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Create Shaped Avatars With CSS and Webkit


Learn how to create interesting looking avatar shapes in this tutorial by Joshua Johnson (WebKit only).

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The Real Beauty of CSS3 Box Shadows


A nice introduction to box shadows and what can be done with them. With some additional interesting resources.

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Digital Bits


In his workshop John Caserta asked his students to do the following: "Collect objects that you find in and around your apartment, and draw them using HTML and CSS." Check out the results!

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Makisu: A CSS 3D Drop-Down Concept


Makisu by Justin Windle is an experimental CSS 3D drop-down concept, wrapped up in a jQuery plugin.

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Dashboard Elements (PSD)


A free PSD with dashboard elements designed by Grzegorz Grzelak for Vandelay Design.

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Bucketlistly: Social Bucket List


Bucketlistly is a gorgeous web app that helps you complete your long life goals through collaboration. You can snap a photo, grab a location, describe how you accomplished it and attached it to your achievement so that your friends or other people with same interests can accomplish the same goal as you.

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jq-tiles: jQuery Slideshow Plugin


With jq-tiles you can create many interesting slide transitions in your slideshow. It is a jQuery plugin that leverages the power of CSS3 and comes with a lot of options.

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Cut&Slice me Photoshop Plugin


Use this free Photoshop Plugin to export your assets to different devices in seconds. Improve your workflow by just naming your layers.

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Equations for Organic Motion


This test sheet is yet another great creation by Justin Windle. It displays the results of equations for organic movements.

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Free Font: Doux


Dmitry Savin created this interesting and beautiful font and you can download it for free.

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