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Collective #34

Inspirational Website of the Week


This week's inspirational website is Tunebow, a new kind of minimal online radio experience. The simple layout with its extravagant touch and sweet navigation icons makes it our pick this week.

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How To Design A Mobile Game With HTML5


In this Smashing Magazine tutorial, Eoin McGrath shows you how to create a cross-platform mobile game with HTML5.

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Splash Vector Graphics on Your Responsive Site


In this HTML5 Rocks tutorial, Alex Danilo shows you the advantages of and how to use SVG for responsive websites.

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Kera: Guide your Users


Kera lets you build in-app tutorials that can interact with page elements like buttons, text inputs and forms.

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Retro Portfolio: Full PSD Pack


To celebrate their 1500th sales of the Retro Portfolio Theme, OpenDept shares the pixel-perfect PSD for free.

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Free Font: LSTK Clarendon


Studioelastic gives us their hand-lettered bad-ass version of the English slab serif typeface, Clarendon.

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Responsive Grid—A—Licious 3


Since its release as a jQuery plugin back in 2008, Grid—A—Licious has come a long way. And now Andreas Pihlström has completely rewritten it and made it responsive.

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Call-To-Action Buttons (PSD)


Michael Reimer offers three styles of beautiful call-to-action buttons for free. The PSDs are easily customizable.

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Constraint Validation: Native Client Side Validation for Web Forms

Learn about and how to use HTML5 constraint validation, a native means of implementing client side validation on web forms.

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Responsive Sketch Sheets by ZURB


If you are designing responsive layouts, you'll love these responsive sketch sheets by ZURB!

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BootMetro: Metro Style Web Framework


If you want your app to have the Windows 8 MetroUI feeling then BootMetro might be interesting to you.

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Movie Icon Set (PSD, PNG, JPG)


A pixel-perfect, beautiful free icon set with 10 movie-related concepts. The icons are released under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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Moving the Still: A GIF Festival


Get inspired by the first ever large-scale, open call for original animated GIFs. This truly is a festival!

Check it out Easy File Uploads & Cloud Storage Integration

Collective34_11 comes with a powerful API that will make accessing cloud-stored content easy.

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A Classless Class — On Using More Classes in Your HTML

An interesting article with some fun analogies on why and when using classes in your HTML can be a good thing.

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Bountify: Get Coding Tasks Solved


"Post a bounty. Get code." That's the slogan of Bountify, a platform where you can post tough coding tasks with cash bounty ($1-250) to motivate fellow hackers.

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3D iPhone 5 Mockup (PSD)


Show your app preview from a different angle with this very detailed and versatile vector-based 3D mockup of the iPhone 5 by Pixeden. Check out the black version, too.

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Cambelt: Functional Placeholder Images

With Cambelt you can generate functional placeholder images. You can simply set the source "src" property of an image file to Cambelt's website, with the dimensions of the image that you want and it will generate a fitting dummy image.

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Classic Photography WordPress Theme


"Classic Photography" is the latest free WordPress theme by Vandelay Design. It has many useful features, it's responsive and you can easily customize it.

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34Grid: Responsive Grid System


34Grid is a responsive grid system based on the "equally distributed columns for each row" layout idea.

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Redactor: jQuery WYSIWYG Editor


Redactor is an extremely light and fast jQuery WYSIWYG editor that lets you upload files and images using drag-n-drop, set up auto-save and develop your own plugins and extensions.

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Rescue.js: Find JS Errors


With Rescue.js you can "kill" all bugs in your JavaScript. It catches the errors that are already happening on your web pages and then they are sent securely to the application servers for you to review and fix.

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Intelligist jQuery Plugin


Intelligist is a jQuery plugin by Scott Robbin that makes it easy to share and demo code in-page, using GitHub gists.

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The Infinite Grid

Chris Armstrong writes about infinite grids — grids that are made for mediums without fixed dimensions.

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Free jQuery UI Themes Collection


A great collection of free jQuery UI themes by WebResources Depot.

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Free Font: LSTK GaraPen Tiny


And another exquisite font by LSTK GaraPen Tiny, a sweet tiny font for creepy-cool projects.

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Free Font: Bokeh


An interesting font for special design projects.

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2400 Flag Icon Set (PNG)


GoSquare released this absolutely epic set of 2400 pixel-perfect flag icons completely for free. It comes in two variants, flat and glossy, and in 5 different sizes.

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