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Collective #21



Middleman is a static site generator based on Sinatra. Providing dozens of templating languages (Haml, Sass, Compass, Slim, CoffeeScript, and more). Makes minification, compression, cache busting, Yaml data (and more) an easy part of your development cycle.

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Inspirational Website of the Week


Joint London is our pick for this week's web design inspiration because of it's lightness, absolute coolness and intuitive, but novel navigation.

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Infographic: The History of HTML5


Wix shows a summary of the history of HTML5 in this colorful infographic.

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sketch.js: Boilerplate for JavaScript-based Coding Experiments


This is a tiny (~5k) boilerplate for creating JavaScript-based creative coding experiments. It will make setting up Canvas or WebGL experiments a breeze.

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stickyMojo jQuery Plugin


stickyMojo is a contained sticky sidebar jQuery plugin brought to you by MojoTech. It is lightweight, fast, flexible and compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE8+. It will degrade gracefully in older versions of IE.

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ViniSketch Designer


With ViniSketch you can build mobile web applications for multiple devices. The framework is currently compatible with iOS 3+ and Android 2.1+.

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Infinite-social-wall by Philip Bjorge is an isotope-powered social stream based on RSS feeds with a MySQL backend. While it supports the most popular social networks, any RSS feed can be used and displayed.

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Fluid: Mobile Mockups


Create, test and share mobile designs with this feature-rich and easy to use, online mobile mock up builder.

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Holder by Ivan Malopinsky renders image placeholders entirely on the client side. It works both, online and offline, and offers a chainable API to style and create placeholders with ease.

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Backbone.js: Hacker's Guide

Alex Young gives us a great guided tour through Backbone's source from a more technical perspective. Dive in and learn how it works.

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FrameWarp jQuery Plugin


A very useful plugin that will help you display iframes in a nice overlay-like fashion.

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Real Time Multiplayer in HTML5


If you are interested in online game development, you will love this article that will give you some great insight and example of the world of real time multiplayer.

Read it Launches Social Network for Data Visualization

Collective21_10 launches the world's first social network for data visualization. Being part of the community just got better: now improved profiles for members, with real time activity feed and aggregated metrics about the infographics one has shared.

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iosSlider – Touch Enabled jQuery Horizontal Slider Plugin


iosSlider is a jQuery plugin which allows you to integrate a customizable, cross-browser content slider into your web presence. Designed for use as a content slider, carousel, scrolling website banner, or image gallery. It has many useful features and is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License.

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Enyo JavaScript Application Framework


Enyo 2 is now out of beta and this truly cross-platform and free framework will make complex app development simple and easy to maintain.

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iconmonstr Free Icons


iconmonstr will give you beautiful free and simple icons for your next project. You can search by keywords and download the PNG and SVG file for free.

Check it out Writing for Hackers

Idan Gazit shows us the new way of writing with those purposes that just don't fit for Twitter, Tumblr or pastebins: Use a public gist on Github and view/share it at

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Underscore Log

Underscore Log offers advanced cross-browser JavaScript logging together with Firebug Lite. It standardizes the way you write code and the way the logs are displayed in your browser.

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EpicEditor: Markdown Editor


Who needs WYSIWYG editors anymore? EpicEditor (beta) is an embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor with split fullscreen editing, live previewing, automatic draft saving, offline support, and more. For developers, it offers a robust API, can be easily themed, and allows you to swap out the bundled Markdown parser with anything you throw at it.

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Muxi: Professional Social Network


Composed of 40 fraternities, Muxi offers its users a platform where they can share their experience, ask questions, find colleagues and more generally connect with people doing the same job.

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Chrome Web Lab


See the magic of the web brought to life through 5 Chrome Experiments. Make music with people across the world with Universal Orchestra or travel to far away places with the Teleporter.

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Free Font: Balls Family


Balls (yes, Balls) is another beautiful font experiment by Give Design realized with Nodebox. The font is created using a random combination of different dots.

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termsfeed: Terms of Service Generator


Generate your ToS and privacy policy with this free online generator.

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Free Blurred Backgrounds


A great pack of high-resolution blurred backgrounds for your next project by Timothy Whalin.

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Some things beginners might not know about Sublime Text

Alain Meier has compiled a super-useful list of basic things about Sublime Text that will save your time.

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