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Collective #20

30 Toolbar Icons for User Interface Design


WebIconSet designed this great free, pixel-perfect UI icon set for Webappers.

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Colorjoe: Scalable Color Picker


Colorjoe is a CSS-based, scalable colorpicker that does not depend on any external images. You can adjust it to your needs making it a great choice for responsive projects. It also has touch-support.

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Moqups App


The Moqups App is a really great HTML5 App for creating high fidelity, resolution independent SVG mockups and wireframes.

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Magnifying Glass for Image Zoom Using jQuery & CSS3


If you did not know about then you should definitely check it out. You can assist walkthroughs and learn some great web dev techniques. In this one you can learn how to create a realistic magnifying glass using jQuery and CSS3.

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IFTTT "If this then that" Service


Tired of those doing the same social network actions over and over again? IFTTT has number of channels which triggers on certain conditions and executes a specified action on other channels. You can automate most time consuming tasks by using IFTTT recipes. It provides almost 46 popular channels and rising every day.

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Free Font: Amende


Ike Ku shares this exquisite and interesting font for free.

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An Approach on Building an Advanced Initial Boilerplate

Hans Reinl introduces his version of an intitial package to start a web project, called init. It include some more tools than HTML5 Boilerplate and is especially useful if you use SASS.

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CSS3 Family Tree


Another great tutorial/walkthrough from Learn how to display organizational data or a family tree just using CSS, with simple markup (nested lists). Pseudo elements are used to draw the connectors.

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Minimal Patterns


Find some delicate minimal patterns for your next web project here or submit your own.

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Dark UI Kit (PSD)


A delicate new UI Kit from PremiumPixels designed by Swedish designer Victor Erixon.

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Free Pavement Textures


Grab these free high-resolution pavement textures from Vandelay Design fro your design projects.

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On/Off FlipSwitch


An online generator that lets you create custom pure CSS3 On/Off flipswitches with animated transitions.

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Which is the Best Code Editor?


Finally, a great analysis of what code editor is best for whom, and based on some thoughtful ratings, what editor is the best one overall.

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Mini Collection for Prefix & Postfix Input Form


Hidayat Sagita shares this super-useful collection of input fields with a prefix or postfix icon

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The CSS Guide


Master CSS with this great guide from InsertHTML. It's series which was created to teach you everything you need to know about CSS in order to operate in the web design world.

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Logins are Dead, and Mobile Killed Them

Harry Fuecks tells you why logging in with a username and password was killed by Mobile and what direction future solutions could go.

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Illustrator Pattern Swatches


WeGraphics shares this set of 50 Illustrator pattern swatches which features a variety of seamless herringbone patterns in different colors and sizes.

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Black UI Kit (PSD)


Another great dark UI Kit for your next project. This one is by Matt Gentile and it's entirely vector so you can scale the elements.

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Create A Sleek On/Off Button


In this CSS3 tutorial, Thoriq Firdaus shows you how to create a slick On/Off button.

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Sci-Fi Vector Pack


A wonderfully spacy and free vector pack for your next Sci-Fi project.

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Did not like the news you just read? There is a simple solution to that: blow 'em up. Philippe-Antoine Lehoux created this wonderful little tool that let's you plant bombs and blow up any text on a website - with style.

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