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Collective #19

Inspirational Website of the Week


Lotta Nieminen's portfolio is our choice for this week's website inspiration. It's very clean and it comes with a surprising and smooth content navigation.

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Creating A Volume Controller With jQuery UI Slider


Learn how to code a jQuery UI Slider from a PSD in this great tutorial by Thoriq Firdaus.

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PHP - The Right Way


"PHP: The Right Way" is an easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP best practices, accepted coding standards, and with links to authoritative tutorials around the Web. It's created and maintained by Josh Lockhart.

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Free Font: Ashbury Light


Ashbury derives its inspiration from 18th century transitional types such as Caslon and Baskerville. Get the light style of this elegant font for free.

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Free Twitter Logo (EPS/PSD)


A great and useful freebie from the new twitter logo in EPS and PSD.

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Building a Responsive, Mobile-First Navigation Menu


Saddam Azad shows us how to develop a complex responsive navigation menu using the “Mobile-First Approach“. The aim is to present mobile users with a pseudo-native, touch-conducive and interactive interface that enables them to navigate the website with ease.

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Mousetrap is a simple and leight-weight library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript. It is a standalone library with no external dependencies.

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Free Font: Triac 71


Ray Larabie offers us this exquisite font for free: Triac 71 is a funk related funk font with funky proportions, funky design and funkular execution.

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Bromine: JS Library for UI Testing in the Browser


Bromine is a tool for running UI tests in the browser. It provides a simple-to-use flow control mechanism, as well as utilities for executing DOM events.

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Brain NN Library


Brain is a JavaScript neural network library. If you have worked with neural networks, you'll love this JS library. You can also use it in node.js.

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Learn Git in 15 Minutes


Got 15 minutes and want to learn Git? Then you'll enjoy this easy-to-follow and great step-by-step interactive tutorial by GitHub.

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jQuery UI Touch Punch

jQuery UI Touch Punch is a small hack that enables the use of touch events on sites using the jQuery UI user interface library. It is tested on iPad, iPhone, Android and other touch-enabled mobile devices.

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DZSlides is a one-page-template to build your presentation in HTML5 and CSS3 by Paul Rouget.

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Creating a Slider Control with the HTML5 Range Input


Learn how create a basic HTML5 range input slider to resize an image, with a JavaScript function updating elements in the page as the user alters the range.

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Windows Style Dashboard Template (PSD)


Asif Aleem shares this beautiful PSD template with us.

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Darcy Clarke brings us Repo.js. It is a light-weight jQuery plugin that lets you easily embed a Github repo onto your site. As a plugin or library author this is a great way to showcase the contents of a repo on a project page.

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CSS3 Attribute Selector: Targeting The File Type


Learn how to use the CSS attribute selector in order to target specific file types in yet another great tutorial by Thoriq Firdaus.

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Free Font: Troll Bait


Another free font by Ray Larabie: Troll Bait just screams "roleplaying".

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Recline.js is simple, yet powerful library for building data applications in pure Javascript and HTML.

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GitList: An Elegant and Modern Git Repository Viewer


GitList allows you to browse repositories using your favorite browser, viewing files under different revisions, commit history and diffs. GitList is free and open source software, written in PHP, on top of Silex and the Twig template engine.

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Rivets.js is a declarative, observer-based DOM-binding facility that plays well with existing frameworks such as Backbone.js, Spine.js and Stapes.js. It aims to be lightweight (1.2KB minified and gzipped), extensible, and configurable to work with any event-driven model.

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