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Collective #127

Inspirational Website of the Week: DUNCKELFELD


An incredibly smooth interactive experience and an impeccable design made this website our pick of the week.

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CSS Triggers


A definitive reference for what work is triggered by changing various CSS properties. Read more about it in this article by Paul Lewis.

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Understanding SVG Coordinate Systems & Transformations (Part 2): The <transform> Attribute


The second part of a really great guide to understanding the SVG coordinate system and transformations by Sara Soueidan.

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SVG Masks


A fantastic demo by Yoksel that shows the power of SVG masks.

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Fontface Ninja


With Fontface Ninja you can instantly find out what fonts are used on a website and experiment with it.

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Points Of Interest


A beautiful component by Claudia Romano from Cody for showing points of interests of products.

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Animating SVG text On A Path


Learn how to animate SVG text on a path in this great tutorial by Joni Trythall.

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Free Lined Icons (AI)


A beautiful little freebie by buatoom.

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Let's Talk About RTL


A great guide on how to create RTL websites by Ahmad Alfy.

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Creating dub delay effects with the Web Audio API


Chris Lowis shows you how to make some seriously cool dub delay effects with the Web Audio API.

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Free Font: Thin Line Font


Gatis Vilaks shares this unique and harmonious font for free.

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A simple and easy-to-use JavaScript lightbox script.

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How we make RWD sites load fast as heck


Some great advice and tips how to make responsive websites load fast. An article by Scott Jehl.

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T3 is a template to build three.js applications without worrying about the common set up process and allowing multiple applications per page. Made by Mauricio Poppe.

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An Alphabet of Accessibility Issues


Anne Gibson lists 26 personae as examples of why we need to make simple, readable, effective content on the web.

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Game About Squares


A really cool and addictive little game by Andrey Shevchuk.

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The jungle of mobile HTML5 development


A solid collection of HTML5 mobile development resources by Yacine Rezgui.

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Full-width pinned layouts with flexbox


Learn how to use flexbox to pin two things to opposite ends of the viewport with a heading centered in between. A tutorial by Zoe Mickley Gillenwater.

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Radio-Controlled Web Design


Radio-control the web? Art Lawry explains how the radio button technique can help spare some JS and therefore make websites lighter.

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