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Collective #128

Inspirational Website of the Week: Volkshotel Amsterdam Centre


Our pick this week is a uniquely designed hotel website with a clever use of details and effects that fit the subject perfectly.

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Pure CSS parallax scrolling websites


A brilliant CSS-only technique by Keith Clark for parallax scrolling on a website using 3D transforms.

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Understanding SVG Coordinate Systems & Transformations (Part 3) – Establishing New Viewports


The third and final tutorial in an awesome series of SVG articles by Sara Soueidan that will help you become an expert at using SVG.

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JavaScript Face Tracking Demo


Konrad Dzwinel's cool face tracking demo that will create a GIF of your recording.

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Mondrian is a vector font designed by Tano Veron and inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian.

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Sweet Sugar Text Effect in Photoshop


A very nice and detailed Photoshop tutorial by John Shaver from Design Panoply how to create a really creative sugar text effect.

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The Making of Aprilzero: Part 2


If you have seen the awesome website Aprilzero by Anand Sharma that we picked as WOTW in issue 124 then you'll love this two-part making of. You can read the first part here: The Making of Aprilzero

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Coloured lightmaps with CSS blend modes


Another gem by Keith Clark that shows the power of CSS blend modes for creating colored lightmaps.

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Shrthnd is a handy tool that converts CSS properties into shorthand, making shorter and more readable stylesheets. Made by Volume7.

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Experimenting with the element.animate() function


Christofer Vilander experiments with the interesting the element.animate() function that was included in Chrome 36.

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Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages


A fantastic tutorial by Barry Clark on how to build a static blog with Jekyll and host it on GitHub Pages.

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Free Font: BRIG


Filipe Rolim designed this beautiful uppercase display font and you can download it for free on

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Digital trip


An amazing Google Chrome Experiment game that showcases some modern web tech wizardry with three.js and headtrackr.

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Building A Line-by-Line File Reader Using HTML5 and JavaScript


Learn how to use the HTML5 File API to build a file reader in this great tutorial by Matthew Meyers.

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Enduring CSS: writing style sheets for rapidly changing, long-lived projects


An article by Ben Frain on his approach of writing CSS for enduring web projects.

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Free Font: Hans Kendrick


Hans Kendrick 3.0 is a geometric grotesk typeface in regular and bold weights. It was designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil

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AngularJS Style Guide


A starting point for AngularJS development teams to provide consistency through good practices. A style guide by John Papa.

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