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Collective #112

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Studio Songes


The creative navigation experience and extravagant style of Studio Songes made it our pick this week.

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Understanding CSS Timing Functions


Stephen Greig will teach you everything you need to know about CSS timing functions in this excellent article over on Smashing Magazine.

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A great library for creating beautiful shadow effects with dynamic light source positions.

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Understanding Vector Shapes in Illustrator


A complete, in-depth tutorial by Matt D. Smith that will help you understand and master vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

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VLEX is a great script for overcoming SVG shortcomings regarding layout responsiveness.

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Free Font: Polar Vertex


Katharine Howard designed this dreamy geometric display typeface and you can get it for a tweet.

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Web Components and you – dangers to avoid


Christian Heilmann summarizes some dangers that might mess up Web Components and encourages developers to get involved defining them.

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CSS Vocabulary


What's a block and what's a selector? This page by Ville Vanninen will help you learn the basic terms of CSS and understand the vocabulary visually.

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Wikipedia concept


A fantastic Wikipedia design concept by Salomon Aurélien with an additional prototype preview by Vinny Fonseca.

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PourOver is a powerful JavaScript library that allows for fast filtering and sorting of very large item collections.

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Improve the payment experience with animations


Michaël Villar from Stripe shows how the payment experience can be enhanced with some really nice animations.

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Google I/O 2014


The beautifully creative and interactive website of this year's Google I/O event.

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Champicons (AI)


A lovely set of champion icons by Emanuel Serbanoiu.

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Jeet Grid System


No more needlessly nesting elements and no more rigid twelve column rules: Jeet is an human-understandable grid system by MojoTech.

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Trianglify by Quinn Rohlf is a JavaScript library for generating colorful triangle meshes.

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A lovely juggle animation pen by Noah Blon.

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Are Magazine Apps Dead? A State of the Art Roundtable


A very interesting read with opinions of great magazine makers on the current (grim-looking) state of digital magazine apps for tablets.

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12 Little-Known CSS Facts


An interesting compilation of some little-known, yet useful CSS facts by Louis Lazaris.

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Free Font: Adria Slab


Adria Slab is a clean and elegant slab serif typeface and you can get the regular style for free. Designed by Marcus Sterz.

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A promising looking font creation project that is currently being developed in the open. A successful crowdfunding campaign is making the development of the first version possible.

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