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Collective #113

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Aquatilis Expedition


The website of the Aquatilis Expedition is a beautifully designed experience that transmits the excitement and feel of this amazing scientific journey. Check out Tim Holman's pen of the background particles.

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CSS True Titles


A very interesting CSS experiment by Tyler Gaw of a title sequence à la True Detective using CSS masking.

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An amazing project for visualizing and comparing sorting algorithms. This is simply fantastic for understanding the workings of sorting algorithms.

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Isomer by Jordan Scales is an easy-to-use graphics library for drawing isometric scenes.

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Captain Icon (EPS, PSD, PNG, SVG, Web Font)


Captain Icon is a huge set of thoughtfully designed vector icons by Mario del Valle.

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Inline SVG vs Icon Fonts


Chris Coyier compares using inline SVG to using icon fonts and concludes that SVG is a winner if older browsers don't need to be supported.

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Everyone Deserves Great Design


Ehsan Noursalehi writes about a new mindset for product designers and how to make products that matter.

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Project Parfait


Project Parfait is a new beta service by Adobe that allows you to extract everything you need from PSD comps for further coding.

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Politespace by Filament Group let's you add spaces to numeric form values to increase readability, for example, when asking for credit card or phone numbers.

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Hutt is a dead-simple instant video chat in the browser. You just have to share the link and others can join.

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Rethinking Mobile Tutorials: Which Patterns Really Work?


Theresa Neil and Rich Malley will show you how to improve tutorial patterns with the help of game design principles.

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Free Font: Anke


Anke Sans is an elegant geometric typeface designed by Noe Araujo.

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Seen.js is a really cool library that renders 3D scenes into SVG or HTML5 Canvas.

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Maks Surguy created this interesting triangle background generator with many useful options.

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Free Font: JollyGood


Another alternative to Comic Sans? Kemie Guaida does a great job in designing this fun and playful typeface with a free basic version.

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Project Naptha


Project Naptha is a browser extension that lets you highlight, copy, and translate text from any image.

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Feather (PSD, CSH, SVG, Webfont)


Feather is a set of 130 carefully crafted icon by Cole Bemis. This new version of the vector icons is now avaliable for free.

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Graphic Designer Icon Pack (AI)


Some stylish icons with nicely-dropping flat shadows by Antonio Di Nardo.

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