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Collective #111

Inspirational Website of the Week: Active Theory


A truly inspirational digital experience. The website of Active Theory makes use of some unusual shapes and interesting scrolling and hover effects. Our pick this week.

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Post Flat Design


Wells Riley points out the over-simplification in UI design that happened due to the flat design trend and suggests a less strict approach that embraces the reintroduction of skeuomorphic styles and depth where sensible.

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Advanced animation path


A great tutorial by Oleg Solomka on how to animate SVG paths and animate along them.

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The Z-Axis: Designing for the Future


Wren Lanier explains how exploring a new dimension, the z-axis, in layout thinking can solve design problems in this A List Apart article.

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GitHub Cheat Sheet


A compilation of all the hidden and not hidden features of Git and GitHub by Tim Green.

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How to Use steps() in CSS Animations


An excellent article by Joni Trythall on understanding and using steps() in CSS Animations with some great demos.

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CSS and SVG Masks


See which masking technique has most browser support in this great overview by yoksel.

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280 Vector Line Icons Pack (EPS)


An absolutely stunning free icon pack with lots of fresh vector line icons designed by Jonas Nullens for PixelBuddha.

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An easy-to-use and customizable color picker by suffick.

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Really Good Emails


An inspiring collection of really good email designs by Matthew Smith.

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Treed is an extensible tree editor with VIM inspired keyboard navigation and drag and drop functionality. Made by Jared Forsyth.

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Building The Web App For Unicef's Tap Campaign: A Case Study


A great case study on how the challenging web app, Tap, Unicef's latest campaign, was made. By Nick Jonas and Francis Villanueva.

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Creating Style Guides


A very insightful article on how to build and maintain style guides by Susan Robertson on A List Apart.

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Awesome kit


A free set of 26 AI wireframe templates for iOS with two custom brushes designed by George Vasyagin.

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Cognitive Lode


Understand the latest behavioral economics & consumer psychology research in a easy-to-understand and simple manner.

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Colorful Ficons Icons 42+ (PSD)


A set of delicious flat-style icons by Alexander Kutuzov.

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Chicks & Types


"It's all love" - Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini celebrates his favorite typefaces with the versatile beauty of ladies.

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Torpedo is a useful, new file sharing app that let's you share files, passwords, and more with self-destructing private links.

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Raising The Bar


Raising the Bar is a non-profit initiative aimed at turning educational content into a part of the pop-culture.

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Papercraft by Brent Jackson is a creative, hand-coded experimental type made with SVG and inspired by folded paper.

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Responsive Email Patterns


Published already some time ago, this is a really useful resource of patterns and modules for responsive emails.

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