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Collective #107

Inspirational Website of the Week: MY/STATIC/SELF


The portfolio site of software developer John Iacoviello is a fantastic game-like experience. Our pick this week.

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Web at 25: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Invention of the Web


The official anniversary site hosted by the World Wide Web Consortium and the World Wide Web Foundation to honor the 25th birthday of our World Wide Web.

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150 outlined icons (PSD, AI, SVG, Webfont)


A fantastic set of 150 outlined icons designed by Dario Ferrando for Freebiesbug. The package includes PSD, AI, sliced SVGs and a Webfont ready to be included in your website.

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Brick Webfonts


Webfonts served by Brick are clones of the original, converted without modification to WOFF format for high-quality rendering and fast loading across all modern browsers.

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Custom CSS preprocessing


Nicolas Gallagher shows how you can create your own custom CSS preprocessor with Rework, an arbitrary CSS preprocessing library for Node.js.

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Icon System with SVG Sprites


Chris Coyier shows how to make a modern icon system with the <use> technique and an inline SVG.

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An insightful article by Trent Walton on what designing websites based on the device-agnostic approach involves.

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Geomicons Open


Brent Jackson created this open source icon project for the web that was build with performance in mind.

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Drop shadow for two elements preserving the intersection in CSS


If you have ever tried adding a box shadow to two overlapping elements, you'll appreciate this CSS technique by Anselm Hannemann for making it work.

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Taking A Second Look At Free Fonts


Take a second look at free fonts with Jeremiah Shoaf and learn how the quality has improved over the recent years.

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Aesop Story Engine


An interesting set of open-source tools that allows for the creation of feature-rich, interactive, storytelling themes for WordPress.

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After many years of development, MakeHuman, a fantastic, free and open source software to create realistic 3D humans, got released.

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The Latest in Web Font Trends


Jenn Lukas looks into the latest Web Font trends and collects the top used fonts from the most popular web fonts providers.

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Wedding Icons (AI, EPS)


Rinat Rozilio shares these cute wedding related vector icons for free.

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Redesigning IMDB


Read about the very thoughtful redesign concept of the Internet Movies Database by Rémi Fayolle?and Gilles Bertaux.

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Nobody expects 3D


Although we all do expect 3D by now, this is a nice primer on how to add some 3D jazz to your elements.

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2048 Game


A super addictive tile game created by Gabriele Cirulli. Move the tiles with the arrow keys and make pairs sum. Try to get to the 2048 tile! Really cool on your mobile.

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Loading... This could take a while


Seriously? Still loading? Awesome SVG loaders by Brent Jackson.

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Iconion Icon Creator


Sometimes you just need some PNG icons for your projects and with Iconion you can easily create them from any icon font.

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Metalsmith: Static Site Generator


An interesting website generator that works by reading files in a directory, manipulating them with plugins, and then outputting the static site.

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Mac-Slow Clock in SVG


A Web port of Linux Mac-Slow clocks done in SVG.

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Feedback Ideas for Buttons


Some nice inspiration for feedback ideas for your buttons or other UI elements.

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