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Collective #108

Inspirational Website of the Week: Zulu


It takes a moment to get used to navigate this site but it's just such a high-tech experience that we had to pick it!

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CSS Diner


CSS Diner is a fun game for learning CSS selectors. Type the right selectors and reach the next level. Made by Luke Pacholski.

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A fantastic and useful CSS generator for animations by Bennett Feely.

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Free Font: Gist Rough Light Three


A playful and unique typeface by Yellow Design Studio. The Light Three style is for free.

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A Q&A on the Picture Element


How will the picture element work? Find out in this insightful QA over at A List Apart.

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Get on the CSS Grid!


CSS Grids are coming and you can already try it out in IE and Chrome (behind an experimental flag). Learn more about it in this HTML5 Rocks article and the video.

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A Closer Look at Color Lightness


Reda Lemeden will teach you a great bit about color brightness that will be very useful for choosing colors in your designs. Check out the tool, too.

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The state of Interaction Design tools


Pasquale D'Silva brings it to the point: tools for interaction design are great but how they work together leaves much to be desired. Don't forget to read the fantastic second part as well.

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With Gridzzly you can make your own custom grid (or line) paper and print it easily.

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Flat Preloaders (GIF, AEP, PNG)


Another awesome freebie by Pixel Buddha: a set of flat preloaders in various formats and sizes.

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A Pocket Guide to Master Every Day’s Typographic Adventures


A great pocket guide on typography with some excellent tips by Benedikt Lehnert.

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Flexbox in the real world


Flexbox expert Sean Fioritto shows you how you can use flexbox for real, in production, while offering an solid fallback for legacy browsers (down to IE8).

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How To Plan Your Next Mobile E-Commerce Website


Lawrence Howlett will teach you some really great tips for building your next mobile e-commerce site.

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Animal Characters Set (EPS)


A set of 11 really fantastic character designs by Oksana Golubets for Pixel Buddha.

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If you didn't know it already: a great resource collection site for your bookmarks, with helpful links for web designers and web developers. It's curated by Ben Mildren.

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Stroke 7 Icon Font Set


A great set of 140 thin stroke icons inspired by iOS 7. An awesome web font by Pixeleden.

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RWD List to Table


A responsive table method using display:block and data attributes for column titles by Geoff Yuen.

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