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Collective #106

Inspirational Website of the Week: Optimo Chicago


A brilliantly designed website with interesting transitions and a very creative way of showing the product. Our pick this week.

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Rethinking Responsive SVG


A very inspiring article by Ilya Pukhalski on how to see beyond the traditional way of making SVGs responsive and explore new possibilities.

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What browser am I using?


A fantastic web app that will make it easy to know what browser your client or anybody is using.

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A Typographic Approach to Email


A brilliant article and experiment on functionally improving email through better typography. By 1910 Design & Communication.

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Animatron is an interesting online tool that allows you to create HTML5 animations and interactive content by designing frames on a timeline.

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ScrollMagic by Jan Paepke is a jQuery plugin for scroll interactions. It's a complete rewrite of its predecessor Superscrollorama by John Polacek.

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Speed Design with Illustrator


Vincent Le Moign will show you why Illustrator is one of the hottest choices for quick interface design. Check out the 14 useful tips and download the free template.

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A brand new, high-quality resource site for professional designers, brought to you by the folks behind Smallicons and Ballicons.

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Wireframe & UI Kit


Christopher Rowe has designed this UI kit for smarter wireframes that provide more visual cues than the default ones.

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You jacked my scroll bro


Read Matthew Smith's thoughts on "scrolljacking" in this article on Medium.

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How to make a Flappy Bird in HTML5 - Part 1


Thomas Palef will show you how to create Flappy Bird in HTML5 as part of his "one html5 game per week" challenge.

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Select to Switch


A brilliant little script that converts a select input into a on-click switch. Very useful for short lists of options.

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Lessons learnt building ViziCities


Read about the lessons learnt during the development of ViziCities, the recently released 3D city and data visualisation platform.

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Build with Chrome


Hans Eklund shares some learnings from the "Build with Chrome" project, especially regarding the move from a desktop-only experience to a multi-screen solution that supports both mouse and touch input.

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A useful and light-weight jQuery plugin for placing items in straight rows like seen on Google Image Search, flickr, Shutterstock and Google+ images.

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What We Mean When We Say "responsive"


Lyza Danger Gardner analyses the "responsive" word and the confusion around Responsive Web Design and why we might simply have to drop the expression.

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iPhone and Android (PSD)


A great freebie by Billy Kiely: a fully-editable vector PSD of devices.

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The Art of HTML Semantics: Part 1


Kevin Suttle dives into HTML semantics and shares some interesting facts and use cases of common tags.

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Selectors as Sass Variables?


Scott O'Hara explores the usefulness of adding entire selectors to a variable and shows why it can be problematic in some cases.

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Sport glyph vector icons (PSD)


A nice set of sports-related icons by Alex Pronsky.

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Free Font: Anglecia Pro Text


A delicate serif font typeface designed by Andriy Konstantynov from Mint Type. The regular and italic styles are for free.

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