In this category you will find experiments, plugins and articles related to web development and programming. Here we present some new ideas and inspiration for solving problems and tackling challenges around web development.

Animated Responsive Image Grid

By Mary Lou on

A jQuery plugin for creating a responsive image grid that will switch images using different animations and timings. This can work nicely as a background or decorati ...

Responsive 3D Panel Layout

By Mary Lou on

A responsive layout experiment where we arrange panels in a grid-like structure and transition the elements with 3D effects. ...

Audio Slideshow with jPlayer

By Tyler Craft on

Today we'll share an audio slideshow with you, i.e. a slideshow that will be synced with some audio. We are using the open source audio framework jPlayer. ...

Wave Display Effect with jQuery

By Mary Lou on

How cool is it to sometimes just display content a little bit differently? Today we want to share an experiment with you that let's you show images and content in a ...