Draggable Menu with Image Grid Previews

A draggable inline menu with a scattered thumbnail preview of an image grid.

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After our little draggable image strip experiment, we wanted to explore using the dragging functionality on a menu. The idea is to show a large inline menu with some scattered thumbnails. The menu can be dragged and while doing so, the thumbnails get moved with an animation. Each menu item also changes the letters to show an outlined version. When clicking on the “explore” link under a menu item, the thumbnails move and enlarge to form a grid.

The animations are powered by TweenMax and we use Dave DeSandro’s Draggabilly.

Attention: Note that the demo is experimental and that we use modern CSS properties that might not be supported in older browsers.

The initial view looks as follows:


When clicking on the explore link, we animate all thumbnails to their place in a custom grid.


You can see it in action here:

DraggableMenu.2019-06-19 10_45_16_optimized

We hope you enjoy this menu and find it useful!

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