Animated Custom Cursor Effects

Some ideas for interactive custom cursor animations using SVG filters.

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So I have been playing with distortion effects using SVG filters recently and wanted to now try and apply these to a custom cursor. Imagine animating a circular custom cursor with those distortions when hovering over links (or any other element). Here are four demos that explore this idea.

The effects are done by applying SVG filters to a custom cursor element which is an SVG. Besides animating the cursor itself (scaling it up), the SVG filter is animated when hovering over anchors (or any other element you’d like this to interact with).

If you are interested in more of these kind of effects, have a look some previous related experiments:

I really hope you enjoy these and can make use of them! As always, feel free to use the designs in your projects.

Show me what you come up with and ping me @codrops!


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