A Look Back at 2019: Roundup of Codrops Resources

Goodbye 2019! Here’s our traditional yearly roundup with an overview of all Codrops publications from the past year.

What a year 2019 was! 

During the past months we had the pleasure and honor to work with incredibly talented front-end developers and designers. Their master classes gave us invaluable insight into their genius and process, something that we want to carry on in 2020. 

We also started collecting many of our favorite websites and demos in regular roundups which is also something we want to explore more in the next year. With so much information out there, we figured that offering a truly hand-picked collection of quality resources is the number one way to get the best inspiration out there.

2020 will be a year of energetic change for us. With an upcoming redesign and many new things planned, we are ready to jump into this coming decade with lots of motivation and excitement!

Like every year, we’ve prepared a little roundup for you where we share an overview of all our publications.

We hope you enjoy it and continue to share this journey with us!

Thank you to all our readers, supporters and sponsors. Have a vibrant 2020 and make every second count!

Your Codrops team

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