Expanding Grid Item Animation

A grid item animation where the thumbnail scales up when the details view is opened. Based on the Dribbble shot "Surf Project" by Filip Slováček.

Today we’d like to share a simple implementation of a grid animation with you that is based on the Dribbble shot Surf Project by Filip Slováček. When a grid item is clicked, the background and the thumbnail are scaled up and moved to their fullscreen position. While the Dribbble shot is an animation for the mobile phone, we thought we could explore this concept for the desktop, too. We are using anime.js by Julian Garnier.

This demo is kindly sponsored by Storyblocks.

If you would like to become a demo sponsor, you can find out more here.

Attention: For the demo we use some modern CSS properties like CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid and CSS variables without a fallback, so please view them in a up-to-date browser.

Have a look at the screenshots:




We hope you enjoy this demo and find it useful!

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