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Based on the Dribbble shot Surf Project by Filip Slováček

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img 01

Marble Dream

Constantin Frecker

Hashtag cred air plant drinking vinegar. Leggings yuccie chambray pop-up tousled hell of. Portland wolf mumblecore, synth cold-pressed polaroid poke cardigan gochujang farm-to-table photo booth.

img 02

Space Fantasy

Danica Green

Man bun banjo pop-up meh hammock. Skateboard hammock tousled retro, etsy taiyaki narwhal gentrify fixie food truck microdosing sustainable dreamcatcher.

img 03

Mighty Eighties

Elizabeth Smith

Air plant affogato microdosing banjo, palo santo squid craft beer vexillologist chambray everyday carry cronut aesthetic intelligentsia.

img 04

Diamond Crafter

Fred House

Crucifix shoreditch tumblr heirloom irony tbh gastropub migas sartorial mustache direct trade plaid readymade ramps hammock.

img 05

Disco Fever

Alice Muller

Single-origin coffee air plant kitsch paleo iPhone vegan cold-pressed slow-carb cornhole dreamcatcher palo santo salvia lo-fi.

img 06

Little Boxes

Xavier Brighton

Drinking vinegar lumbersexual 90's flexitarian. Live-edge man bun air plant XOXO. Master cleanse vaporware keffiyeh.

img 07

Fractal Love

Walter Perry

Leggings green juice DIY, flannel tattooed selvage plaid yr sartorial chia. Scenester you probably haven't heard of them locavore.

img 10


Lidia Greenwood

Helvetica la croix readymade, butcher viral pitchfork chillwave pork belly vaporware blue bottle iceland semiotics subway tile irony.