MyThemeShop Membership & MacBook Air Giveaway

Win an 11-inch MacBook Air, Premium WordPress Theme memberships and more great prices in this giveaway by MyThemeShop.

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We usually don’t run giveaways at Codrops anymore but we thought that this one is a great opportunity to kick-start a wonderful new year for our readers. The amazing folks at MyThemeShop are offering some really amazing prizes including MyThemeShop Memberships and an 11-inch MacBook Air!

About MyThemeShop

When it comes to premium WordPress themes and plugins there’s lots of options to choose from. With their great support and high-quality WP themes and plugins, MyThemeShop really stands out from the rest: they don’t just offer a great variety of well coded, responsive and SEO friendly themes, but also all the info and tools for starting a WP powered site and growing it without being a code guru. They have great WordPress getting-started and advanced tutorials free for everyone to watch.

Like MyThemeShop on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get the latests updates on new themes and more.

The Prizes

Here are all the prizes you can win in this giveaway:

  1. 11-inch MacBook Air worth $899

    • 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
    • Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz
    • Intel HD Graphics 6000
    • 4GB memory
    • 128GB PCIe-based flash storage

    Free shipping for international participants but please note that custom duties may apply in your country.

  2. 1 × Extended Membership of MyThemeShop’s themes and plugins for one year worth $439
  3. 2 × Normal Membership which includes all themes for one year worth $398 in total
  4. 5 × Premium WordPress themes worth $345 in total
  5. 5 × Premium WordPress plugins worth $195 in total

How To Enter

To enter this giveaway and have a chance to win, just do the following:

  1. Comment below and tell us why you should win the membership or MacBook Air and how it might help you with your project or work.
  2. Share this giveaway on a social network of your choice. You can also use these Twitter and Facebook share buttons:

Good luck to everyone!

This giveaway ended on January 10, 2016 at 16 p.m. GMT+0.

The Winners

We are happy to announce the following winners of the giveaway:

Congratulations everybody, we hope you enjoy your prize!

Thank you all for participating!

The MacBook Air Winner

Corentin Bontemps won the first prize, an 11-inch MacBook Air! Congratulations, Corentin, and thanks a lot for sending in your picture:


We hope you enjoy your MacBook Air and do many awesome things with it 🙂

Credits: Featured image made with Mahmoud Wally’s MacBook Mockups.

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  1. Hi,I am David from China.
    I would love to win MacBook Air.As a web designer,I think the Macbook Air would be a good working tool.
    If I can win this prize, I believe this will increase awareness in China MythemeShop helpful.
    Thank you, I look forward to the good news.

  2. Now that´s a great chance guys! Well, as an interface designer it is sometimes quite hard to get into code as normally I do only the graphical interface. Using templates helps me to transpose my ideas into real working projects. Often it is better and way more easier to learn from what people already did and customising that in the next step – if it is nessesary. And ofcourse everybody here could use the mac book. Personally it would help me to work more flexible and with clients or friends at a café or co-working spot.

    So let´s see if it´s gonna happen 🙂


  3. I am an aspiring teen game programmer, I want to make a game for iOS, but unfortunately the only way to do so is with a Mac. That is why I need the Mac, but the other prizes are things that people close to me really wish to have but can’t buy. So I would donate it to them.

  4. I Am love to apple product and Apple macbook Is My Dream and I can’t afford the money to buy them.
    so i would like to win this price.

  5. Hi! Being a UI & Frontend Developer Mac Book Air and other prizes including membership of MyThemeShop should be and asset to me. I am really very excited to have one of the above prizes. Good Luck to all participants.

  6. I’m a front end designer based in Mumbai India.
    I am currently working for a company as a Web Designer.
    But I plan to have my own Startup in the Healthcare field.
    If I get this MacBook air it will be of great help for me to start on my own. To help Millions of People in India, to provide them Healthcare. So one Macbook can benefit one million people. 🙂

  7. Hello! I am Nelson from Mumbai. I currently work as a freelance web developer. Well I don’t know about rest of the items, but I defiantly like the Extended Membership. I just love a good theme and would be very great-full if i had some.
    🙂 . Any way you guys have a wonderful 2016. enjoy!

  8. Hello! Im Akif from Dubai. and im using mythemeshop themes for very long now! They have absolutely neat and responsive themes. Why i should win something from them? well it all depends on them but ill always refer them to other fellow bloggers.

  9. I would really like to win the macbook or membership because I am a young aspiring web developer that just got a job working with a company that primarily uses wordpress and I would like to make a great lasting impression that will start out my career as a web developer on the right path. It would be a great help and Thanks for the opportunity

  10. Given chance to win this, I would start my dream project of creating new website using wordpress for my city. I would be very happy to check all the themes of MyThemeShop to suit this requirement.

  11. I should be the winner because I really need that pc for my personal projects. And I really want to be a member because of the variety of their plugins and themes, which I would use on any wp site that I work on. This will be a benefit for me and my job, as I am developing web pages every time.

  12. being the winner and having access to a Macbook-air will allow me to develop and take my work on the go and keep up the productivity!

    Just starting out and this will help as I currently use a PC/windows and having a new shiny Mac will allow me to properly test Safari and build with Xcode!!

    Having access to such a great collecting of theme will give me the inspiration needed to succeed!

    Thank you so much.

  13. I think the MacBook Air will be a great robot! to help me and keep developing my web app for my startup; A restaurant manager analytics service.

    I learned to code by myself, I’m a civil eng stundent, but by following your tutorials and amazing material i’ve done some work that have help me to come to Toledo, OH (i’m living in Chile) to see my girlfriend for the holidays and help friends that need a website.

    Winning this will help me to make more money to pay the trip for my girlfriend and bring her to Chile for my graduation this year and travel around.

    I feel like i win a giveaway each time you guys upload something to the playground or blueprints.
    Anyways, all of you guys are great.
    Hope you have a great year!

  14. The amazing folks at MyThemeShop are offering some really amazing prizes including MyThemeShop Memberships and an 11-inch MacBook Air ! Where did you get this information?

  15. Hey I just wanted to add my two cents about how MyThemeShop has helped me in my struggling Internet marketing career. Before MyThemeShop I was just another website never seeing the light of day because I was buried in the basement of website land. I was just surfing one day and one of my competitors was bragging all about this new website design firm that was really kicking A** and taking names. My curiosity peaked and I had to go see for myself.

    Well, I had to have one! Been doing great ever since. I am using their “SteadyIncome” Theme for WordPress. It is simple yet dynamic. If I had the 11-inch MacBook Air to go along with my website then I would have the best of both worlds, Website plus Laptop, I could go anywhere and still stay in touch with my business. Just saying…To Your Success!

  16. I really hope I can win this MacBook Air. I could share it with my mom because she also needs one, and I could also complete a lot of projects and assignments faster on the MacBook rather than my original computer. I also hope to get more into my YouTube channel with this.

  17. I should win the package because I’ve always wanted to be able more mobile when seeing clients; as they need me to be more and more these days. This way I could present them my works and just how WordPress, with mythemes, obviously could really do so much for them to achieve their goals! Thanks for this opportunity!

  18. A macbook air will help me to do better products and faster a develop process. For example, last weekend I attended a hackathon and mi old laptop was almost melting itself when tryng to export a large psd file and at the same time running a node.js app. Fortunately it didnt explode but why take the risk? 😉

    Happy new year to all the codrops team, greetings from a Mexican fan .

  19. I would really (I mean, really) like to win MacBook Air, so I can give my wife a wonderful gift (so she can code cooler; I will stay un-cool, on my Win8 laptop) 🙂

  20. I’m a student, i just discover your website, and it’s amazing. Thank you. The membership would be an honor. And the Macbook would be the perfect tool for my studies and when I need to move… (I’m an intern in a new French Start-Up, so I got to move sometimes.)

    Thank You again.

  21. I would love having such laptop since mine was broken last year and I find it very unpleasant to develop on my home PC.
    Apart from that, I’ve never had a Mac since they are very expensive in my country… but I know they are a great tool for web design students like me. The other giveaways are also great and I find them very useful too.

    Good luck to everyone!

    Thanks Codrops for being so amazing! I’m reading all your articles for 4 years already 🙂

  22. I have been blogging for the last year to release the inner turmoil from childhood abuse. Blogging has helped me overcome the past a great deal. I hand coded the blog using HTML5 and CSS3 based code. I have been planning a new project for 2016. I plan on creating an online community to help abuse survivors during the healing process. Further details are available on the Full Light blog. Winning this membership would help me create this new community the right way using WordPress, the themes, plugins, and tutorials that will be provided. The MacBook Air would be a great to win. My current laptop is over 7 years old, has no battery and needs replacing soon anyway.

  23. There are so many ways I could use a laptop like this! I’m in web design, and don’t have a laptop (I know, right?). Everything I do is on my desktop.

    I’m also wanting to transition to writing more, and getting away from my desk to write gives me the best mindset. Having a laptop like this would be a dream come true.

    The membership would be amazing, too, since I work exclusively in WordPress. Everything about this giveaway sings to me!

  24. it would help me with my giveaways. giveaways give my family a Christmas and income

  25. I am teacher. I teach people how to use IT tools in HR and finance. Some time ago I started my own training company. I use Spike theme at my company website and blog. I am preparing right now a new video trainings to sell tchem online. My old Asus is already insufficient to do that. If I win a Macbook I can quickly and efficiently make a video recording and editing.
    Then I’ll buy all the membership at Mytheme 🙂

  26. I’d love a new macbook because I work on an outdated laptop which has tons of issues with newer technologies and working on it has become tedious!

  27. I’m really looking for the membership, so I can buy my own macbook with hard work 🙂

    It’s actually 1am here, and i’m still working because I feel / believe that this is the path to success, hard work, and work with dedication and passion!


  28. A MacBook air will help me to work mobilely as it has 9 to 12 hours of battery power and powerful processor so that I can work more efficiently and help many Artists with my website. Macbook Air is not the common factor. But the goal is. So if I get one, that would help me to work easily. At least I think so. If not, no problem, I will work hard as usual and definitely achieve my goals.

  29. I’d like earn this machine or membership because would help me on productivity and close more business. When one client see beautiful themes or a machine professional feel more confident.

  30. Why you should win the membership?
    Winning $439 means saved that much = Profit + Awesomeness
    Why you should win the MacBook Air?
    Winning $899 mac means saved that much = Profit + Awesomeness + Happiness (yes mac is always my wish)
    So Profits x 2 + Awesomeness x 2 + Happiness” that solves “WHY”
    How it might help you with your project or work?
    $439 means a bunch a themes and plugins that will create happiness
    On my clients face = happy me + satisfied me
    Carrying a mac to client meeting will be confident booster and tension free
    So you may think why?

    Why confident booster = carrying a my current laptop is like taking a transformer
    And of course he need power all the time. Now you are thinking yea 5hrs backup will be
    Of course a confident booster.
    Why tension free = multi-tasking is now a dream for my 3 year old champ a pdf file+ browser window = freeze. Should i have to say a mac solves it? No right?
    So “happiness on my clients face = happy me + satisfied me + confident booster and tension free” that solves “HOW”

  31. Macbook is best gear for web designers & developers. I’m really happy for this giveaway.

  32. the Macbook would be invaluable in helping me continue to design and develop websites for non profits.

  33. A friend and I have just started a web agency, where we make website and webshop built on WordPress. Since none of us is the best developer, because our focus is on the UX. Therefore will it be a great help to us if we won the extended membership of MyThemeShop’s. Hope you will choose us and make our startup a success.

    Best regards.

  34. Being a Webmaster of 6 websites and over 50 domains I still use desktop for all my work and for many decades now, like to switch to mac if i get this one perhaps buy some themes and build some more sites too !

  35. A macbook air would allow me to enter more contests! Just kidding, I like to dabble in some design. Making pictures, labels, etc! It would be easier because my PC right now is almost toast! I have a really wore out graphics card & motherboard as well as a battery that no longer works at all!

  36. Why you should win the membership or MacBook Air and how it might help you with your project or work?
    Answer: I want to win a MyThemeShop Membership & MacBook Air Giveaway because it help me to do a online business.

  37. i think i should win because i’m poor :'( i can’t afford an apple computer and i really really need it.
    i need to run multiple simulation softwares on my pc and my old machine can’t handle it.
    this macbook air would just be a miracle worker for me it’s not heavy and therefore i can take where ever i go and it has great specs.
    just perfect! i wish i have it! really!!

  38. first off, thanks for this giveaway;
    why should i win ? well like everybody else this macbook air would have a positive impact on my life.
    it’s going to save me time and effort.
    i hope i win and if i don’t thanks for the opportunity, i appreciate it !

  39. I would give it to my granddaughter to use in her school work in high school. She needs one so bad!

  40. to be honest i don’t know a thing about coding and i have never in my life used an apple computer before but i believe that winning this macbook air and/or mythemeshop membership would be the boost i need to start learning programming.

  41. I’m a freelance front-end developer so I always have to use my computer everyday. My Mid 2011 MacBook Air is slowly dying and needs a new battery. It won’t even stay on without being plugged to the charger and the fan in the computer turns on within minutes of it being on. A new computer would be awesome to make coding faster and so programs like Illustrator and Photoshop can run without being so slow .

  42. I should win the Macbook air because I will be graduating this year in high school and I am taking Accounting which would need a laptop. I currently have a laptop but it is starting to give up on me 🙁 I always do my work on my laptop and also to connect with my family back home. 🙂

  43. I’m trying to get some traction as a freelance designer and this would be great for getting things done when away from home!

  44. I left a comment before but I wanted to say more things. I am following this blog for ages. I do love your all articles. You are professional. And this is my first comment about you and your articles. I would like to remind that I prefer to have 11-inch MacBook Air. This is gonna help me to work better. Also I do need new laptop :/ Thank you.