Startup Design Framework Giveaway (ended)

Win one of three fantastic Startup Design Frameworks by Designmodo in this giveaway.

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In this giveaway you can win one of three Startup Design Frameworks by Designmodo, worth $249 each.

About the framework

The Startup Design Framework contains components and complex blocks which can be applied to almost any design. All of these components are made in the same style, and can easily be integrated into projects, allowing you to create hundreds of solutions for your future projects without investing too much time.

The framework was created with responsiveness in mind so you can create websites with full mobile support. Components and blocks are fixed to the common and popular 12 Grid system and all the assets are Retina-ready.

The most important part of the Startup Framework is the samples. The samples form a set of 25 usable pages can be used “as is” or you can simply add new blocks from the rich UI Kit. By choosing one of the 25 configurations of the future startup, the process of creation is simple and easy.

Check out this video presentation:

Startup Framework: Suit up your startup! from Designmodo on Vimeo.

Take a look at some screenshots and images:






You can start testing the framework with this great demo which includes some samples and components from the full version:

Demo Version of Startup Framework

The Prize

You can win one of three Startup Design Frameworks by Designmodo, worth $249 each (PSD + HTML Full Version, Commercial License). The total giveaway price is $747.

How to enter

All you have to do for a chance to win is:

  1. Leave a comment below and tell us why you’d like to get the Startup Design Framework.
  2. Share this giveaway on a social network of your choice. You can also use this tweet button:

  3. Good luck!

    This giveaway ended on January 24, 2014 at 10 p.m. GMT+0.
    Winners will be announced shortly!

    The Winners

    We are happy to announce the following winners of the giveaway:

    Congratulations, you will be contacted shortly.

    Thank you all for participating!

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  1. I’ve been looking at this framework for use in a couple projects. It’s very clean and easy to use.

  2. A StartUp born to change something in the world, create something new that can make life easier for people. Similarly, this framework will facilitate the birth of my startup, helps me to impact more people faster. That’s why I want it so much.

  3. I am starting a new project very soon and this design framework would be ideal for this project!

  4. I am working now on 2 projects:
    Codesign – a service for visual collaboration between designers/developers/project managers;
    Smartwall – a service for visualizing social activity about your conference, cafe, restaurant etc, where you can create interactive walls of messages from Instagram, Twitter, SMS and display them offline on big screens, which improves the engagement of the participants.

    The visual component is extremely important for both of this projects and I will be extremely happy to get the Startup Framework for wrapping up my services in a nice UI.

  5. I leave this comment, becouse I want WIN! I want this huge project. I learned much from you guys and I can learn more and do more for other people if I have this Startup Framework.

  6. i want to start a startup project so i need it ,because we don’t have mastercard or visa in my country ,,,thanks

  7. That is brilliant framework and I need to win because I bet my girlfriend that when I win she give me something. If you know what i mean ;P

  8. I absolutely love this framework and it’s design values. I’d make a good use of it in my future projects 🙂

  9. I am at a stage where I am designing/developing more than 2 sites at once and the framework will ease my workload a lot! In addition to that, I don’t have to worry about the site I build looking bad because this one good looking framework.

  10. Because i found this very useful for my future and actual projects and because they are so F***G AWESOME! 😀

  11. I would like to use it for a project my group has to do for evening school, but there is no budget to buy it.
    We are programming a web-application for school members where they can share files, tests and much more.

  12. I like to get a Startup Design Framework for me to use this on my projects. To be able to learn this new framework and set it as my standards in creating websites and for the future purposes.

  13. I’m a starting freelancer and i could use it to speed up the building process. And it’s awesome, of course 🙂