Startup Design Framework Giveaway (ended)

Win one of three fantastic Startup Design Frameworks by Designmodo in this giveaway.

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In this giveaway you can win one of three Startup Design Frameworks by Designmodo, worth $249 each.

About the framework

The Startup Design Framework contains components and complex blocks which can be applied to almost any design. All of these components are made in the same style, and can easily be integrated into projects, allowing you to create hundreds of solutions for your future projects without investing too much time.

The framework was created with responsiveness in mind so you can create websites with full mobile support. Components and blocks are fixed to the common and popular 12 Grid system and all the assets are Retina-ready.

The most important part of the Startup Framework is the samples. The samples form a set of 25 usable pages can be used “as is” or you can simply add new blocks from the rich UI Kit. By choosing one of the 25 configurations of the future startup, the process of creation is simple and easy.

Check out this video presentation:

Startup Framework: Suit up your startup! from Designmodo on Vimeo.

Take a look at some screenshots and images:






You can start testing the framework with this great demo which includes some samples and components from the full version:

Demo Version of Startup Framework

The Prize

You can win one of three Startup Design Frameworks by Designmodo, worth $249 each (PSD + HTML Full Version, Commercial License). The total giveaway price is $747.

How to enter

All you have to do for a chance to win is:

  1. Leave a comment below and tell us why you’d like to get the Startup Design Framework.
  2. Share this giveaway on a social network of your choice. You can also use this tweet button:

  3. Good luck!

    This giveaway ended on January 24, 2014 at 10 p.m. GMT+0.
    Winners will be announced shortly!

    The Winners

    We are happy to announce the following winners of the giveaway:

    Congratulations, you will be contacted shortly.

    Thank you all for participating!

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  1. First, Thank You for creating such fantastic designs and opportunities such as this.

    I myself am a web designer and always interested in learning something new. The main reason I would love to win one of the startups is to help launch my own website. Using an ancient computer that doesn’t support adobe products and hand coding everything makes things very slow going. I’m unable to afford a new one anytime soon with my salary. But with the help of one of these will definitely speed things up along with inspiration and more training.

  2. At 52, I recently graduated from college with a major in web development ( Just got my first client a week ago ). However, I am still constantly researching and learning about web development and design. Something like this would help me tremendously and it would definitely be put to use. Thanks for the give-a-away; it’s a very nice prize for someone.

  3. I would to build my personal website, my project web using this. Very inspiring and simple and great combinations. Like a chocolate melt perfectly in the mouth

  4. Hi!

    First of all, Thanks for your great tutorials and articles – they are very useful and there are many things I’ve picked from them and put to work!

    At the present I am starting my own littile business (website development) and for now make website for my brother’s wife to support her project. It is awesome that I have a chance to participate in that give-a-away. Startup Framework is by all means great and will for sure tune up and improve my daily workflow, help to learn some useful techniques both in design and coding.

    Wish good luck for all and thanks for such opportunities!

  5. Well, the giveaway are really nice.

    Here’s a little stuff we are working on.
    We have been working on a social travel destination, this idea actually comes from our holiday trip to Boracay. We find it difficult to find best attraction or restaurant in a single place. We would jump through several travel blog and TripAdvisor to actually find and plan perfect trip.
    We’re trying to solve this by building a hub for social travel where people can share and upvote their best destination, such as if you visit Boracay, you wouldn’t want to miss cliff jumping at Ariel Point!

    We also integrate it with FourSquare vendor API to provide best restaurant and coffee-shop nearby, and show Instagram photo available in the location, which we see as a personal touch to overall experience.

    We are trying to made it ease and skimmable while provide essential knowledge to our visitor that TripAdvisor seems to lack of.
    The point is, everyone is busy and dwelling around the web for information are tedious, which is why we decide to use our spare time curating and build this stuff up, so people can come and point out where exactly the place we shouldn’t miss, the food and adventure.
    We believe this curated and personal experience will help people like us decide the best trip.

    We actually use Startup Design Framework PSD file to help structuring our overall design, and it’s surprisingly quite enough for wireframe.
    I believe Startup Framework License would be helpful for our workflow and remove our barrier of time and effort to succeed our idea (as it is intended).



  6. What a great giveaway! Good luck to all.

    I would love to be the winner of this giveaway, as I am responsible for the upkeep and design of many websites; portfolios, information, and entertainment. The Startup Design Framework is a fantastic set of tools that can help aide my clients and personal projects. I wanted to purchase this framework, but with a baby on the way, it’s hard to have extra money to spend, even if it’s for something as awesome as this. Would love this Framework so I might better my skills as a designer and developer.

  7. I could use a great design framework like this because I’m a programmer, but have zero designing abilities ;-p

  8. First of all thank you for this give away, I am a front-end web developer and i always wanted to learn design and provide both services like web design and code to my clients but lack of practice i was not able to full the gap between design and coding.

    If i win this framework, i can easily create great designs and I will get a good grasp of how this can be done without framework.

  9. That would be just in time 🙂 Currently I am planning to start my own company. It would be great!

  10. Great giveaway. I really wanted this!

    It’d be a great asset to me for my web design work!

    I hope I win this IA.

  11. The framework looks really really nice! I would love to try this out in my projects.

  12. Thank You Codrops… you are amazing… all my bows to you for always sharing sharing and sharing the priceless knowledge for free to everyone.
    And having this framework and all it’s cool components will help me create beautiful and responsive websites without worrying about the time.

    Here’s my tweet:


  13. As a recent graduate of IADT Sacramento and a member of a startup, the Startup Framework would really help us get off the ground. Talk is Sheep Marketing has begun to make a name for itself as a wine industry marketing and design agency. However we’re still developing our proper practices and procedures, trying to become more efficient. Some of the steps on that road have been building our portfolio and hiring an in-house designer. The Startup Framework would help us save time on the initial stages of a project as well as cut down on precious time spent on our own site and materials. It would give us the starting point that is so difficult to find time for after a year of expenses.

  14. I would like to use it for my future projects and especially on my education startup I’m working on… Thank you!