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Collective #91

Inspirational Website of the Week


AltSpace is a fresh looking website with great use of advanced technologies and slick transition effects. Our pick this week.

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Ionic: Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework


Ionic offers a library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS and JS components for building highly interactive apps. It is built with Sass and optimized for AngularJS. It's in alpha and it looks like a very promising framework for developing hybrid mobile apps in HTML5.

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The Future Of Video In Web Design


In this article by Sean Fioritto you will find inspiration, how-tos and a few technical goodies to get you started with modern video on the Web.

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IKONS: 264 free vector icons


Piotr Kwiatkowski designed this fantastic free icon set. It contains 264 vector icons.

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What Screens Want


A beautifully written and insightful article by Frank Chimero on digital canvases and how they evolved.

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Mobile Web Development Tooling (Slides)


Addi Osmani dives into cross-device development, testing, and performance evaluation of multi-device webapps in these slides.

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Cross-browser filters with CSS and SVG


Understand how CSS filter effects work and how to achieve cross-browser effects in this article by Peter Gasston.

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The Hobbit Experience: Bringing Middle-Earth to Life


Dive into this amazing case study with Daniel Isaksson on how "A Journey Through Middle-earth" was made.

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Free Font: Darect Font


Darect Font by Peter Kocur is an interesting typeface with a unique character.

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70 Free Icons (PSD)


Robin Kylander made this set of pixel-perfect icons great for app design.

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Foundation 5 by Zurb


Foundation is one of the most robust and versatile responsive frameworks out there and now Zurb has released the fifth version. If you are migrating from the previous version make sure to check out the migration guide.

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Creativist is a great new publishing system for stories, produced by the award-winning publisher Atavist.

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Why Responsive Images Is So Hard


Chris Coyier summarizes why it seems to be so hard for everybody to figure out and agree on a solution for responsive images in HTML.

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Designing Device Assets: Templates and Tips


A fantastic and complete set of Photoshop templates for device assets by Blair Culbreth. It includes favicons, Apple touch icons, startup images for iPads and iPhones old and new, and Windows tiles for IE10 and IE11.

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Taming data tables


Harry Roberts will show you how to approach the problem of styling complicated table structures.

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Responsive Design Won't Fix Your Content Problem

Karen McGrane explains how making a website responsive does not just involve rearranging and squeezing content into smaller containers but also adjusting the content strategy.

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DynoSRC by Jason Anderson is a general solution for efficiently delivering JS resources to clients, using diff-based updates as assets change over time.

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Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol4 (PSD, AI, EPS)


Another great set by Pixeden of 32 Tab Bar Icons in iOS 7 style.

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Bootstrap style buttons with Font Awesome by Bearded Hen.

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Snake Game in 30 lines of JavaScript


Snake in 30 lines of JavaScript? Here you go!

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