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Collective #90

Inspirational Website of the Week


The great PS4 review website has some stunning SVG animations and some cool styles and effects. Our pick this week.

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An Introduction To DOM Events


Wilson Page gives a great overview on how DOM events work and how we can make use of them to solve common problems.

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The Ultimate Flexbox Cheat Sheet


It's time to get serious with CSS Flexbox and this excellent cheat sheet by Sean Fioritto will help you get started.

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HTML5 Time Tracker


A smart HTML5 time tracker web app made by Juani Ruiz EchazĂș. Define the cycle length and simple add what you were doing after you're done.

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HTML Imports


Eric Bidelman shows how the new HTML Imports, which are part of the Web Components cast, will make it very simple to include HTML documents in other HTML documents.

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A super simple starting point for 2D JavaScript games


Seth Vincent shares his work on creating a simple starting point for 2D JavaScript games.

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Flexible Google-style loader with CSS


A nice CSS version of the subtle Google apps loader by Lea Verou.

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CSS Mac Plus


Donovan Hutchinson created this stunning animated CSS 3D version of a Apple Mac Plus.

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A really cool competition for kids to create some fancy robot dance moves. It's organized by Code Club, a really great organization with the aim of giving children the chance to learn to code.

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Introducing the Whiteboard Drum - WebRTC and Web Audio API magic


Take a look behind the scenes of Whiteboard Drum by Tatsuya Shinyagaito, an interesting music application that is a great example of what can be achieved using the Web Audio API and getUserMedia().

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Have a Hairy Movember


Let this talking Canvas mustache enchant you for some sensual touches during this year's Movember.

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Free WordPress Theme: Bearded


A beautiful and clean WordPress theme by Hermanto Lim from Bonfirelab.

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CSS Text filling with water


A great pen by Lucas Bebber with a wavy loading animation for text.

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Responsive images - end of year report

A must-read by by Bruce Lawson on the current status of responsive images and the problematic of deciding on a sensible solution.

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Sticky Navigation Menus with stickUp


A useful jQuery plugin by Liran Cohen that "sticks" an element to the top of the browser window while scrolling past it, always keeping it in view.

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Apollo is a light-weight, standalone DOM class manipulation API for adding, removing, toggling and testing the existence of classes on an element. Made by Todd Motto.

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Free Font: Sketchetik Fill Light


An interesting hand-drawn font by Ossi Gustafsson. The light variant is for free.

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Free Vector Infographic Kit (EPS)


On of a total of three sets of vector elements for flat style infographics. Made by Trent Salazar.

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Flat Social Icons (AI + EPS)


Roberts Ozolins created these qualitative flat social network icons with exact colors and a clear style.

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Type Scale - A Visual Calculator


A useful visual type scale calculator made by Jeremy Church.

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